Scrambled eggs are one of the easiest version to cook the eggs at home. Simply beat the eggs & cook it in butter. The texture is very fluffy & smooth.

This is the best recipe for no cooking day. I guarantee that you will not have to do any extra effort to make it & you can enjoy your lazy day.

One of the best tip I would like to give you all that make the scrambled egg with butter only. I am sure your love for an egg will develop more once you just taste it.

I agree that an egg made with veggies and Indian masala will taste really good. But you can enjoy Scrambled egg with just a pinch of black pepper upon it. Because the butter – the taste becomes so nice & tender that you enjoy it till the last bite.

Scrambled eggs recipe is basically a French recipe that you will enjoy in your Indian morning. It’s a hidden gem of all egg recipes.

Walking up at 11 o ‘clock in the morning with your loved one on Sundays, making coffee together & having this amazing scrambled egg recipe is feel like home.

Common Mistakes To Avoid For Making The Best Scrambled Egg

  • Not whisking the eggs enough
  • Whisking the eggs too soon
  • Using high heat
  • Using the wrong pan
  • Leaving the eggs on the heat too long
  • Skipping Milk and Cream
  • Cracking the Eggs into the Pan
  • Using non-Silicone Spatula