Scrambled Eggs are one of the easiest versions to cook eggs at home. Simply beat the eggs & cook them in butter. The texture is very fluffy & smooth.

This is the best recipe for a cooking day. I guarantee that you will not have to do any extra effort to make it & you can enjoy your lazy day.

One of the best tips I would like to give you all that make a scrambled egg with butter only. I am sure your love for an egg will develop more once you just taste it.

I agree that an egg made with veggies and Indian masala will taste really good. But you can enjoy a Scrambled egg with just a pinch of black pepper upon it. Because of the butter – the taste becomes so nice & tender that you enjoy it till the last bite.

The scrambled eggs recipe is basically a French recipe that you will enjoy in your Indian morning. It’s a hidden gem of all egg recipes.

Walking up at 11 o ‘clock in the morning with your loved one on Sundays, making coffee together & having this amazing egg recipe feel like home.

How Are French Scrambled Eggs Different From Other Versions?

You may or may not be aware of the fact that there are multiple scrambled egg versions over the world. Each of them has their own recipe and way of making this.

For example, there is a version of this dish in Japanese cuisine. This version contains more ingredients and is sweet in taste. This version contains soy sauce, green onions, and sometimes milk and/or cream in addition. While the Persian version adds cheese to the eggs.

Westerners make this dish with bell peppers, onions, cheddar cheese, and ham. On the other side, Latin scrambled eggs have cumin in the recipe.

The most common modification in this recipe is feta cheese. Some people add extra vegetables like spinach or asparagus. Likewise, everyone has their own recipe to make this dish.

Common Mistakes To Avoid For Making The Best Scrambled Egg

  • Not whisking the eggs enough
  • Whisking the eggs too soon
  • Using high heat
  • Using the wrong pan
  • Leaving the eggs on the heat for too long
  • Skipping Milk and Cream
  • Cracking the Eggs into the Pan
  • Using non-Silicone Spatula

Note: The most important thing is to keep stirring the beaten eggs to avoid gathering lumps and to acquire the desired fluffy and creamy texture.