Idli is a traditional specialty of the Southern region of India.  It has two main ingredients- urad dal (black gram) and rice that are soaked and battered. It is soft and fluffy in texture and is like a rice cake.

Generally, people use spinach to make idli green. But here we have use peas to get the nice green color in it and make green idli.

It is not only popular in India but also in other parts of the globe too, like Singapore, Malaysia and especially in Sri Lanka. Idli is a vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan dish and is considered to be the most healthy recipe.

If you want you can make idli with semolina as we have instead of rice in it. This dish is enjoyed with Coconut chutney and sambhar, another authentic South Indian recipe.

Also, traditionally we need to soak the rice and urad dal overnight before making it in the batter. Yet, this recipe does not need that long time.

It only requires 10-15 minutes to rest the batter and another ten-fifteen minutes to make a batch of idlis. Hence, you can say it is an instant idli recipe.

Likewise, you can use carrots to give a nice orange color. And experiment with various ingredients to make your own version of this authentic South Indian recipe.

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