Masala oats are the ideal meal for breakfast with an Indian twist. It is tasty, healthy as well as a complete meal in itself.

Initially, people consume oats with either milk or yoghurt and fruits. Though it is a great and healthy way to eat this, it doesn’t appeal to the Indian taste buds. The taste is too bland for us Indians who like spicy food, unlike the foreign people.

This recipe is straightforward to make and is best for satiating your hunger. It comes second after Maggi noodles for a two-minute snack, especially for bachelors living alone in a hostel.

One will find ready-made packets for making the masala oats in the market. You need to add water and cook it before you eat it. But they are made from oats that aren’t gluten-free, and the taste is not as great as the homemade masala oats.

Adding vegetables to the recipe is up to you. You can add whatever veggies you prefer: chopped cauliflower, french beans, zucchini, potatoes, etc. We are using carrots and tomatoes in this recipe here. Whether dry or not, Fenugreek leaves are great for enhancing the flavours.

The oats are generally soft and mushy in texture. If you want to avoid that, use rolled oats to make this recipe. These oats will taste incredible when served hot. You can have it with curd, Yoghurt or pickle.

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