Enjoy these healthy Oats Diet Balls in your breakfast. These are nutritious, instant energy giver and tummy-filling balls.

It’s quick and easy to make in less than 20 minutes. You can store them in an airtight container and can enjoy eating these balls for a week.

You can make these balls with different flavours like banana, apple cinnamon, chocolate caramel, and coconut shred. I have prepared these balls with ingredients like honey, peanut butter, muskmelon seeds, cashews, rolled oats, biscuit crust, coconut shred, and black raisins.

As you can see, I have added many flavours to these balls to give you a whole package of nutrition. In all these ingredients, I have used muskmelon seeds because they are rich in potassium. Therefore, it keeps your heart healthy and good for the eyes because it contains Vitamin A.

This healthy Oats Diet Balls recipe is easy to follow. Firstly, melt the peanut butter. Next, roast dry ingredients in the pan and then add in the peanut butter mixture. Roll the mixture in a ball shape and top up with raisins. Your oats energy balls are ready.

You can eat one ball every morning and also pack it in tiffin for kids. So it has a versatile use: it’s for fitness freaks, diabetic-friendly, and as a breakfast meal.

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