Lehsun Chatkara is a tangy, spicy, crunchy, and unique snack recipe. This is an inventive recipe we make with marinating and deep-frying garlic.

This recipe is a little time-consuming. Also, you need to be careful while frying the garlic. So you are going to require lots of patience when you will be making this recipe.

If you are a fan of fried foods and snacks, then guaranteed you are going to like Lehsun chatkara recipe. Even though the idea of having garlic as a snack may sound weird, but this snack is worth a shot. They are another version of chips.

You can make this snack whenever want to have it. But, one needs to consume it more during the winter season. Garlic provides heat to your body.

It also has other health benefits as well that can help fight the common cold symptoms. So this a perfect snack to munch on during winter.

This will also be a unique snack to offer it to your friends or guests at get-togethers. The vinegar and spice marinated garlic snacks are sure to give a burst of flavors to their tongue.

You can decide for yourself the type of seasoning you want on this snack. Or you can either have it with your favorite dips.

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