Potato Spiral is a street food that originated in South Korea. They are also called tornado potatoes, twist potatoes, or tornado fries. It is a simple, quick, and easy-to-make veg recipe.

This idea was initially developed by Jeong Eun Suk of Agricultural Hoeori Inc. It consists of deep-fried potatoes cut into a spiral on a skewer. Also, the potato is brushed with various seasonings.

A new way to represent the potato. Potato Spiral is crackling in your mouth with all kinds of masala taste and crunchiness. It is a famous and ongoing trend street recipe that teens and kids enjoy the most. It is popular in the United States.

The presentation is unique & urban style. Potatoes are cut in curls and injected with skewers. It’s looking fascinating & of course, we love such foods. You are sure to get tempted by its look!

Fried foods are our guilty pleasure and sometimes a comfort food as well. Sometimes you feel down or feel low; this can cheer you up.
You can make a Potato spiral with various tastes like peri-peri (for the spicy flavour), Chinese seasoning, onions, honey, BBQ, or cheese (for making it cheesy, pop in). Sometimes you can also find this sliced with sausages in between.

I think we all love this recipe with little effort, unique and youth style. Potato is a fantastic vegetable to give a spark to your tastebuds. It is somewhat similar to baked potatoes, minus cutting and baking.

Variations For Potato Spiral:

Since potatoes are a very versatile vegetable, this makes it easier to experiment with the flavours for this recipe endlessly.

If you do not want to coat it in a batter, you have another option. Coat the spirals thoroughly with melted butter and sprinkle the seasoning mix. Rub the mixture properly on the potatoes. Just cover the potatoes with the ingredients from all the sides. Then keep it to fry, or you can even grill them.

If you are health conscious or don’t fancy fried snacks, you can also bake them. The ideal settings for it will be between 325 to 350 C. The cooking time will be around 30-45 minutes, depending on the heat. Of course, you can pre-heat the oven to lessen the time.

All these aspects make this a highly adjustable and versatile recipe.


  • Make sure to scrub the potatoes and dry them off since we are not peeling them.
  • A pairing knife will make the task of cutting the potatoes easier.
  • You can use any seasoning in this recipe. You can even coat it in melted cheese with seasoning.
  • It will taste best with ketchup, ranch dressing, salsa dip, schezwan sauce, or anything you like.
  • You can mix the dry seasoning with shredded parmesan and spices together—no need to add flour.
  • Likewise, you can coat the potatoes with spices mixed in butter and mayonnaise. Add garlic powder as well if you prefer.
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