A new way to represent the potato. Potato Spiral is crackling in your mouth with all kinds of masala taste and crunchiness. It is a famous and on-going trend street recipe that especially teens and kids enjoy it the most.

The presentation is very unique & totally urban style. Potatoes are cut in curls and injected with skewers. It’s looking fascinating & of course, we love such foods.

Sometimes you feel down or feeling low, this can really cheer you up. You can make a Potato spiral with the various taste like peri-peri (for the spicy taste) or cheese (for making it cheesy pop in).

With not much effort, totally unique and youth style – I think we all love this recipe. Potato is an amazing vegetable to really give a spark to your tastebuds. The origin of the recipe is in the United States.

Make it on Sundays with hi-tea time with your friends and enjoy the skewers game together.