Cabbage cauliflower dhokla is a fusion recipe. It isn’t a regular morning breakfast or an evening snack. The idea of integrating vegetables with Gujarati dhokla is superb. You will know in a while why I am telling this.

So, let’s get down to making a fusion recipe.

Why do we call it dhokla?

First, three different ingredients make the recipe—two veggies & steamed rava cakes that are dhokla. I am writing the word cake here to define the term dhokla.

Another reason why it’s termed cabbage cauliflower dhokla is the cooking process. All constituents are mixed & matched with necessary spices.

Just chop veggies, temper the spices, mix veggies with dhokla, combine everything and Bam! Your CCD is ready. BTW CCD is cabbage cauliflower dhokla.🤪 Yup, that’s my CCD without coffee.😝

Can I store this cabbage cauliflower dhokla & eat it later?

The word “later” is subjective here. How much later is fair enough to be later? Okay, first, let me answer the question. Can I store it? NO. Can I cook & eat later? A big NO-NO.

There’s a rule of thumb – Do not store food for a long time unless you are an expert.

Secondly, do not consume food stored for a long time provided. Therefore, forget about storing your tempered vegetable dhokla. Why eat stale food in the first place? Just cook it & eat garama-garam.😍

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Makai Dhokla originally is a Gujarati dish that is itself prepared from maize flour. And corn kernel is ground and added in this dish.