Cabbage cauliflower dhokla is a fusion recipe. It isn’t a regular morning breakfast or an evening snack. The idea of integrating vegetables with Gujarati dhokla is superb. You will know in a while why I am telling this.

So, let’s get down to making a fusion recipe.

Why do we call it cabbage cauliflower dhokla?

First, three different ingredients make the recipe—two veggies & steamed rava cakes that are dhokla. I am writing the word cake here to define the term dhokla.

Another reason why it’s termed cabbage cauliflower dhokla is the cooking process. All constituents are mixed & matched with necessary spices.

Just chop veggies, temper the spices, mix veggies with dhokla, combine everything and Bam! Your CCD is ready. BTW CCD is cabbage cauliflower dhokla.🤪 Yup, that’s my CCD without coffee.😝

Okay, now back to the recipe.

Cabbage cauliflower dhokla ingredients

The recipe is easy, and so are the ingredients. I prefer using items readily available. Above all, if you have to wander for hours in a grocery store looking for something, then it becomes frustrating.

I would be a couch potato instead of hurting my legs searching that magical ingredient. Yeah, I would do that. For all that reason, the list below is quite simple. Take a look.

Tempering Urad Dal & Fenugreek Seeds

If you are following my recipe post, you will know about nutty flavour. Yup, urad dal, peanuts, fenugreek seeds, and other lentils are aromatic & gives a nutty flavour. Try this once & you will feel the difference in the taste.

Other items like black mustard, garlic, red chilli, asafoetida, curry leaves, turmeric powder & salt are regular ones.

Green Chilli Paste

Instead of red chilli powder, there’s greed chilli in here. It keeps the colour intact since we are using white rava dhokla. Try this one too. Feel the difference in the taste.

Cauliflower & Cabbage

No matter how much cauliflower you put in, please keep them in florets shape. Refer to the recipe video & you will see how distinguished it looks.

Sometimes you need to pamper your eyes, too, along with the taste buds. Okay, cabbage is just chopped & nothing fancy done with it.

Since it is da cauliflower cabbage dhokla, both the veggies are our star ingredients. Wash them properly before use.

Lemon Juice

I like khatta nimbuda taste. Use lemon juice as per taste. Do not pour lemon juice if you are planning to carry this breakfast item outdoor.

If you are packing it in a lunch box, then keep lemon slices. Please don’t mix it with the dhokla & tempered veggies. It can be a toxic combination.


Readymade rava dhokla is what I have used here. You can make dhokla at home & then use it.

So, that was it with the ingredients list. I would once again request you not to use lemon juice unless you plan to eat it immediately. Dhokla with lemon juice plus a long gap between cooking and eating will create a problem.

Can I store this cabbage cauliflower dhokla & eat it later?

The word “later” is subjective here. How much later is fair enough to be later? Okay, first, let me answer the question. Can I store it? NO. Can I cook & eat later? A big NO-NO.

There’s a rule of thumb – Do not store food for a long time unless you are an expert in it.

Secondly, do not consume food stored for a long time provided. Therefore, forget about storing your tempered vegetable dhokla. Why eating stale food in the first place? Just cook it & eat garama-garam.😍

Okay, now watch the cabbage cauliflower dhokla video fatafat. Tell me how it is. Scroll at the bottom, and there are real-time pics from the recipe video. View them, read the steps, make the dish, eat & enjoy.

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