Maggi canapes is a new age dish for kids & teens. The regular masala Maggi gets into crunchy tarts and garnished with bell peppers. It’s sizzling, soupy, aromatic & ready in minute food that you can enjoy in your home party bash.

This is a super easy and ultimate presentation of your much loved Maggi. It will be an appealing recipe to everyone. I have added one secret masala to add extra zest in the Maggi which you can find out in the video.

The baccha party at my home are very notorious. They keep on shouting in my ears about giving them chocolates & ice creams & still they are never done. They are sweet lovely cousins and full of food inside out.

One of my cousins had a birthday party before 3 months, and my aunt told me that there is one kid’s party bash at home and all their friends are coming. She wanted me to make something for all of them as an appetizer.

I am the part of the birthday planning therefore, I decided to go for kid’s favorite & all mummy’s approval food – Maggi.

It’s going to create a joyful atmosphere in your house.

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