Maggi Canapes are a new-age dish for kids & teens. The regular masala Maggi gets into crunchy tarts and garnishes with bell peppers. It’s sizzling, soupy, aromatic & ready in minute food that you can enjoy at your home party bash.

This is a super easy and ultimate presentation of your much-loved Maggi. It will be an appealing recipe for everyone. I have added one secret masala to add extra zest to the Maggi which you can find out in the video.

The baccha party at my home are very notorious. They keep on shouting in my ears about giving them chocolates & ice creams & still they are never done. They are sweet lovely cousins and full of food inside out.

One of my cousins had a birthday party 3 months ago, and my aunt told me that there is one kid’s party bash at home and all their friends are coming. She wanted me to make something for all of them as an appetizer.

I am part of the birthday planning therefore, I decided to go for the kid’s favourite & all mummy’s approved food – Maggi. It’s going to create a joyful atmosphere in your house.

What Is A Canapé?

Canapé (pronounced as “can-a-PAY”) is an appetiser in French cuisine. It is a type of finger food that is often decorative to consume at a party or other occasion. The base of these appetisers is a piece of bread, toast, puff pastry, or one cracker/biscuit.

The canapes are typically consisting of four components. These are – the base, the spread, the main ingredients or toppings, and the garnish.

If you google the word, you’ll find two definitions. The first is the culinary one, and the second is the original definition meaning the sofa.

Yup, you read it right. The actual meaning of this in French is a sofa. The analogy is derived from there. This finger food looked like a person sitting on a surface (or sofa). Hence it got the name!

How To Make Maggi Canapes?

Canapés are a food dish that has no definite recipe similar to a chaat recipe. Hence you are going to find hundreds of them all over the internet. You only need to keep in mind to include the components of the canapé that are mentioned in the above paragraph. Sometimes, the spread can be an exception, though.

Here we are only making Maggi and do not need to worry about the base. That is because we are using readymade canapes from the market. If you do not have those then you can use bread to do the same. In fact, it is actually the original method of making canapes.

As for the second component- the spread, that is not needed here as Maggi is enough. Hence we are skipping it. Besides, this Maggi contains double the amount of spices and sauces. Therefore, more spices will be overwhelming for the taste buds and disturb the needed balance of flavours.

The cooked Maggi itself makes the third component which is the toppings. This main component is covered as well.

Variations To Maggi Canapes

We are not using anything separately and this canape is majorly consisting of Maggi noodles. However, there are still a few things you can add to make this better and make different variations of the Maggi.

First of all, we are only using carrots and green bell peppers. But if you like you can add some ingredients more. For instance, you can add vegetables like tomatoes, corn, and peas as well. It will be a similar recipe to tadka maggi.

Next, you can add Chinese sauces like soy sauce, red chilli sauce, vinegar, etc and give the Maggi a Chinese version. We have done something similar in Schezwan Maggi. You can follow that recipe for the noodles.

Speaking of noodles, you can use any type of them. The easiest way is to use the packed Maggi. However, spaghetti pasta or ramen noodles can be used as well. But do follow the instructions for cooking them.

Lastly, make sure to use cheese heartily. Because this is a French recipe and the people there love cheese. Either grate cheese as a garnish over the Maggi or cook Cheese Maggi. You can even do both if you like.

But if you have time and wish to make this fancy, do it. The fancier, the better. French people are known as one of the fanciest, so make it fancy if you want to impress (and maybe impersonate the French). Make sure to add cheese to it. It is the most crucial ingredient of French cuisine.


  • You can add some cooked meat, chicken, or any kind of seafood to the recipe if you like to your Maggi canapes.
  • Puff pastries are also ok to use to make these.
  • Use round cookie cutters if you use the bread for the base.
  • Serving them properly is equally important as they lure the guests into eating them. Platters and slate boards are popular choices for presenting them. You can even decide on a theme for them to make the impact stronger.
  • Sprinkle some chilli flakes or oregano if your Maggi canape is not that spicy or you think it lacks flavours.
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