Cheese Schezwan Maggi is a modification of our very own Maggi noodles. With more cheesiness and flavours, it just got better.

Maggi is not something that needs an introduction. It is the go-to meal for the majority of us. Especially to those who are lazy in cooking (like me 😜) yet still want to have something suitable. And not to forget, it is an evergreen remedy for bachelors.

But having it the same as always will only fill your stomach but will eliminate the fun from it. Hence, to keep it more fun and tasty, you have to get creative with the recipe. The following recipe is one such creation.

Preparing Cheese Schezwan Maggi

First of all, we need to heat water in a bowl. Then we are going to add capsicum and onion into it, along with Maggi. Also, we will be adding all of the spices and sauces at this step. It is the easiest way to get all the flavours and to cook the ingredients. If you are adding other vegetables, then they too will go in the pan in this step.

Another option will be to cook the vegetables in oil with all the spices. Then after adding the noodles. But this will take more time, and you need to keep on checking them. Or else, it will get burned. Hence, it is better to opt for the shown method.

Once you have added everything, cover the pan with a lid and cook until the noodles get soft. After that, grate cheese into it and mix it with the noodles. Cover it again and cook until the cheese melts. If you need your noodles softer, then add more water as required. Otherwise, more water is not required.

Cook it until the water evaporates. Then, the cheese Schezwan Maggi is ready to devour.

Tips For Schezwan Maggi:

  • We are adding onion and capsicum. However, you can add more vegetables like carrots, peas, baby corn, etc.
  • Soya sauce and tomato sauce for spice balancing. If you want to add vinegar, you can. But add only a few drops, or you won’t like the result.
  • As far as cheese is concerned, you can add as much as you want. Also, you can add any type of cheese; be it parmesan, cheddar, or even cheese spread.
  • If you have time and want to make it tastier you can make a little more effort. Make the schezwan at home to make this recipe awesome.
  • Some of the street vendors add mayonnaise to the recipe. You can try that if it is to your liking.
  • There is also an option to add chicken, prawns, or fish pieces in this Maggi even if it is rare to do so. This is completely up to you. Just make sure the pieces cook properly. You can boil them beforehand to ensure that.

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