Monaco biscuit canapes are no-cook recipes for your snack ideas. Each Monaco presentation style is different and will make you go crazy over cheese, butter, and some spices.

Even your kids can make these fantastic quick bites because it is without fire. You can try as many variations on Monaco.

You know how much kids love cheese. Therefore, I decided to create some hearty variations which will get you million worthy smile.

I am a party animal and like to through party at my farmhouse with all my girls. My farmhouse has an amazing environment around. It’s in the village and mostly every 2 months we all go there & enjoy every beat.

My girls are foodies. Every time we go there, she asks me to present different- different appetizers. On that day, I didn’t want to cook. And suddenly a killer idea struck my mind

I went in the kitchen, fetch Monaco biscuits and created tasty versions of Monaco canapes. All the spicy and cheesy quick bites were made in less than 15 minutes. Yes, you can call these canapes made in 15 minutes wonder time.