Baingan masala or Brinjal masala is a popular eggplant recipe in the North region of India. This recipe consists of curry with the base of onion and tomato.

Usually, this baingan masala recipe also has desiccated coconut in the curry base. But we are not going to use the coconut in here.

The use of tomato in this curry will provide very nice tanginess in the recipe. And the presence of peanut in it will give it a good nutty flavor.

This recipe is suitable for both lunch and dinner. You can have it with roti, naan or even jeera rice. It is enjoyable with everything you have.

Different regions of India also have their own versions of this recipe. This recipe is popular as ennegai or yennegai recipe in the North of Karnataka that is quite similar to this one.

Hyderabad too has its own version. Over there, the recipe consists of the gravy that comes from coconut, peanuts, and sesame seeds.  Making it this way will significantly change the taste and flavor of the curry.

Cashew nuts paste or curd is also an option to add for making this gravy. It will make your curry thick and adds richness to it. But it is also fine if you do not want to add that.

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