Stuffed Brinjal or bharwa baingan is a delicious, quick Indian recipe. The baby eggplants are slit and filled with peanut and spices stuffing before cooking.

Every region has their own favorite way of cooking the eggplants. More specifically because of their easy availability everywhere. So you are going to get different varieties of the vegetable.

South Indians use tamarind and coconut to make the stuffing. Maharashtrians and Gujaratis make it with peanut and gram flour. Whereas, people in Uttar Pradesh uses neither. Sometimes, we cook it with peas instead of pigeon peas. But mostly dry spices is used in every variation of this dish.

Moreover, there are many people who dislike it when they have to chew it a whole while eating. Not to worry! There is a solution to it too.

Just blend the pigeon peas with green chili and mix it with other spices you want. A whole different variation of stuffing is ready for you.

This is easy to make dish, you can enjoy anytime you wish for. Yet, it is a more popular winter dish as fresh green peas are easily available in quantity. This dish is consumable for two-three days. So it is also preferable to make in summer.

You can enjoy this dish with Khichdi, phulkas, roti or rice.

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