Gobhi Matar Sabji is a main course item for lunch or dinner. The making process is altogether a piece of cake. The best part is it requires no special attention. Moreover, all the ingredients are readily available in your kitchens.

The term no special attention doesn’t mean you have to mix everything & leave it on its own to cook. Nope. It means the dish can be prepared with less effort & doesn’t require continuous monitoring.

Besides, cooking time is also less. All in all, we can say that the Gobhi Matar Sabji one can cook with minimal experience of cooking.

Is gobhi a boring vegetable?

My family members are less inclined towards eating cauliflower if made alone for lunch or dinner. They will act as if they are on a diet.😆 Nor do I blame them, neither I blame cauliflower. The problem is, that cauliflower as a vegetable has earned a bad reputation due to its colour & flavour profile.

We don’t know that one can cook Gobhi Matar with distinct Indian spices & flavours in many ways. Cauliflower tastes delicious when cooked with ethnic spices. Moreover, it would be best if you gave ample time to all spices within to release their flavour.

I believe cauliflower to be a magical vegetable because one can cook it in many ways. For example, you can cook cauliflower whole or break it down into florets. A step further, you can slice cauliflower into slabs or grate the same into a grain-like texture.

The bottom line is – Cauliflower isn’t a boring vegetable. Next time you think cauliflower is boring while looking at it, then think twice.

I have seen people eating it as breakfast with parantha & tea. I have also experienced people making it with a little gravy, and I call it lachkadar sabji. On the other hand, certain people like it dry. They skip water to avoid gravy. They prefer it dry & sauteed with Indian spices.

So these are different styles of consuming Gobhi Matar Sabji here in India.

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