Stuffed Parwal recipe is an amazing vegetable that will fill your tummy. It has a spicy and tangy taste. You can serve this sabji during lunchtime. Bursting with flavors and a delightful recipe.

Moreover, it goes well with chapati or even when you eat it raw. A scrumptious and flavorful dish to entice your family members. It’s a traditional Indian recipe Also, it’s very easy to make and gets in just 30 minutes.

If any guest coming to your home, surely this dish will make them fall in love with your cooking. In this recipe, firstly the Parwal is cut from the middle but joins from the back. One needs to use a knife for sliding the Parwal.

After then, prepare the stuffing masala and carefully fill it into the Parwal. Then fry the Parwal and add some buttermilk to elevate the dish. That’s it. It really takes less time to prepare this dish.

The elders in your house will love this sabji for many reasons. The first reason is, it’s an authentic and traditional recipe and it is a flavorful dish with all masala ingredients to soothe their tongue.

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