Stuffed Onion is a simple and delicious Gujarati recipe.  The onions are slit and are to be stuffed with spicy groundnut mixture before cooking.

People from different regions alter the ingredients of the recipe. This recipe tastes best with  Methi Jowar Roti and Gujarati Dal. It is sure to make your weekend enjoyable. Yet, you can have it with phulkas or khichdi.  Also, serve tomato chutney to enhance the taste of it.

Who would’ve thought onion can be used whole in a recipe instead of chopped? But in this recipe onions are in limelight.

This is a must-try recipe for occasions like kid’s party, get-togethers, buffets, etc. You can guarantee this lip-smacking spicy recipe will burst their taste buds with flavors.

This recipe is going to be a favorite of all your vegetarian folks. But you can experiment and impress your hardcore nonvegetarian comrades. You just need to stuff it with minced meat and preferred spices in it.  You should not leave them out of trying such delicacy!?

Onions are nutritious and beneficial for our health. Consumption of onion is also helpful to keep us away from infections. This way we can make it more interesting.

This is a fuss-free recipe made with just the available ingredients in your pantry.  And also a nice substitute when you feel bored with your regular veg or paneer recipes. You can try this recipe with shallots too if you don’t like chewing onions.

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