The Kadhi Bhindi is a traditional dish of North India.  It is a yogurt-based tangy sauce with stuffed roasted bhindi or Okra.

If you are from Gujarat or Punjab, then Kadhi has to be on the list of your favorite dishes. Even people in Rajasthan also make Kadhi though it is made a bit differently from regions to regions.

The Okra or bhindi is sauteed until they are cooked and then added to the kadhi. Gujaratis call it the Bhinda ni kadhi.

It will give you creamy and thick texture. It is a spicy, slightly sour, delicious, homey, and healthy dish to try on.

So as to have a change in the routine, experiments were carried out with different combinations with this Kadhi. Kadhi bhindi was one such result of those experiments. You can also see the use of spinach and fenugreek with Kadhi, and it tastes delicious.

This kadhi has a thicker consistency, enough to eat it with roti or nan. But you can adjust the consistency according to your preference too.

If you are a fan of tangy and spicy flavor, then you are not going to get enough of this dish. You can also enjoy this dish with steamed rice. It is more famous as Kadhi Chawal in North India.