Gajar Hara Chana sabji is an amazing winter recipe that is very easy to make and gets ready in just a few minutes. No complex procedures just some Indian spices and the veggies. That’s it.

It is healthy, easy to make and kids are gonna love this too. Combining both healthy veggies makes this recipe extraordinary and unique.

It is specially made in during winters because during this time fresh carrots and green chickpeas are easily available in the market. The cooking method is also unique and without onions.

I have been eating Gajar Hara Chana sabji recipe since my childhood. In winter, my Grandmother used to make this sabji very often.

Now she is no more, but I have always kept her remembering with her lovely recipes and her love for me. I was the most pampered by my grandmother, out of all 4 of us. I could say I was the privileged one.

Health benefits of Green Chickpeas and Carrot are given below for your reference. There are many other healthy vegetable sabji which you can try like Gobi Methi Sabji and Dal Dumplings.

Health benefits of Hara Chana (Green Chickpeas)

  • Hara chana is high in protein and contains rich Vitamins like A & C, which are important during winters and it also includes antioxidents.
  • It also helps grow your muscles and especially healthy for growing kids.
  • It helps to maintain your immunity and good for skin health due to dry out skin during cold days.

Health benefits of Gajar (Carrot)

  • Carrots consist of only 10% carbs, starch, fiber,  and simple sugar. They are low in fat and high in protein which is perfect to include in your diet meal.
  • It links to reduce cancer or any heart diseases risk.
  • It is full of nutrients and good for your eye health. People having visionary high spin eyes should eat carrots.
  • It improves your digestion too.