Dal dumplings gravy is a unique and healthy dish from South India. It is a little spicy and tummy feeling recipe & an aromatic dish. The gravy is thick, hearty & gives you a lot of protein.

It tastes like mildly sour with the flavors of dal and coconut. If you wish to have water instead of semi-solid, add coconut milk rather than grated one.

I had time to have this in my hostel and believe me after I tasted that I finished my plate, and I got extra too. My girls were with me and they said this is epic. It’s my mother’s recipe.

From, that time onwards I added this to my favorite list. Usually, it will take some extra time to cook. So whenever I have time, I used to prepare this mouth-watering dish for my beloved family.

Even you don’t want to hustle to feed them. Dal Dumplings gravy goes super combo with hot rice and papad.