Homemade Masala Paneer is a new variant of regular paneer that we use. Okay, now, this is not the first time we will be making panner at home. We have already made black pepper paneer.

The bottom line is that masala paneer is flavoured like the pepper paneer.

The word masala here refers to a combination of whole spices & green masala—for instance, roasted cumin powder, red chilli flakes, salt, green chilli and fresh coriander. These masala and spices add taste, fragrance, and texture to the paneer.

Homemade Masala Paneer

Look at the above image. You will see red, green and black ingredients. It looks like an artistic work on a white canvas on our homemade masala paneer.

How is Masala Paneer Different from Regular White Paneer?

There are visible differences in taste between these two paneer types. First, they both are distinct in look and taste. The red, green and black ingredients give a colourful texture to the masala paneer. On the contrary, the white paneer is plain and white without colour.

Second, both the panner varieties are different in taste. The regular white paneer is tasteless, whereas the homemade masala paneer is masaledar. It has green chilli, red chilli flakes, cumin powder & fresh coriander – all ingredients are for the unified taste in the homemade masala paneer.

Apart from the taste and texture, there’s no difference. If we talk about the making process, both are similar. While making regular white paneer, you will get homemade masala panner if you add the masala.

White Vinegar or Lemon Juice?

The acid plays a vital role in making paneer at home. To put it differently, you need either vinegar or lemon to curdle the milk to get the paneer out of it. Now, why am I even discussing this?

Here’s the answer. I have made paneer at home several times. Meanwhile, I observed that white vinegar yields more paneer than lemon juice. Honestly, this is what I have observed so far.

You can try it yourself and compare the results. However, this doesn’t mean lemon juice is out of the option. It’s a natural thing, and usually, people would prefer lemon over vinegar. I like white vinegar because it gives me a good yield. Let me tell you, both of them are safe to use.

Okay, now time for some helpful tips. Here you go.

Homemade Masala Paneer Extra Shots

These small tips will make your life easy. Hence, please read them carefully before you begin.

  • Use full-fat buffalo milk for more yield.
  • Wash the vessel properly before boiling milk in it.
  • Don’t use apple cider vinegar. Only white vinegar is permissible.
  • Dilute white vinegar using water before pouring it.
  • Pour vinegar water gradually instead of pouring it all at once.
  • A muslin cloth is a must to collect paneer for further process.
  • Avoid using a strainer or plastic net to drain water & collect paneer.
  • A plastic mould or metal tray is good enough to set the paneer.

Keep the above tips in mind for better results.

Common Questions when Making the Paneer at Home

After some helpful tips, it’s time to solve routine queries. Here they are.

Will my homemade masala paneer smell bad due to vinegar?

No, it will not. There won’t be any foul smell in the paneer once ready. The white vinegar will smell foul when we make the paneer, but it won’t change the taste & aroma of the result.

Can I hang the paneer to drain water just like hung curd?

Hanging paneer like hung curd won’t serve any purpose. Just squeeze the paneer in the muslin cloth a couple of times. Usually, curdled milk solids don’t hold water for a long time; hence hanging isn’t needed.

Can I add rose water to remove unwanted aroma?

You can add rose water, but I don’t think you need to do so. There won’t be any unwanted aroma in your paneer. But if you are sceptical and don’t want to take a chance, go ahead with rose water.

Do we need to keep the paneer in the fridge to set?

The paneer needs to be set aside for some time but not necessarily in the fridge. You can allow the paneer to set at room temperature away from direct heat and sunlight.

Can we use packaged buffalo milk to make paneer at home?

I suggest explicitly using full-fat milk. Packaged or lose doesn’t matter here. What matters is it must be full-fat milk so that we can extract a good amount of paneer out of the milk.

So that was our homemade masala paneer recipe. I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know in the comment box if you have any other paneer making recipes. See you in the following recipe.