Paneer Handi is a delicious rich mouth-watering recipe of Indian cuisine. The recipe is made with the puree of cashew nuts, onions, and tomatoes as a base.

Every Indian love paneer. It is the most favorite delicacy vegetarians prefer to eat. Paneer dishes are more popular in the northern region of India. You can call it the tofu of India.

Not only paneer is a food item rich in taste, but it also is really healthy and nutritious. Paneer contains a high amount of protein and vitamin B that are good for bones.

Paneer handi is a very simple and easy recipe. You can give your twist to the recipe too. You can try adding milk powder or cream to make the gravy more rich and thick.  It will create a restaurant-like experience for you.

Handi is a pot that people use for Indian cooking that is wide at the bottom and a bit deep. But you can cook it in a pan or a wok if you don’t have a handi. Interestingly, the name of the paneer recipe changes with changing the vessel you cook it in.

You can eat this dish at both lunch and dinner as well. It is a versatile dish that we can enjoy with tandoori roti, naan, paratha or even with cumin rice or basmati.

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