Cream & curd rice is simple & tasty recipes made with homemade ingredients. This combination is very creamy for your lunch meal & very healthy too.

My daughter is a fan of rice meals & I always try to make different variations of rice. Many people love eating rice in the afternoon because that gives a good base of dry & gravy tastes in mouth plus it fills your tummy till evening tea time.

Just a tip for you. Use little gravy curd than thick curd. You will have fun in eating with little gravy side of rice. You can add some garnishing with black pepper also & some crunchy potato fried balls over the top.

My daughter loves my food so much that we decided to make it professional practice by giving lunch meals with the name of Rini’s kitchen. And people just loved our ideas.

Do let me know in the comment section if you want me to try other variations also. I will be really happy to help you with cooking.