Rava (semolina or sooji) Kesari or Kesari bath is one of the simple and colorful eye-catching desserts in India. In the southern part of India, it’s called as rava Kesari or Kesari bath. In the northern part, a similar dessert called sooji halwa.

Basically, Kesar means saffron. The outcome of this dessert is an energetic orange color that is the reason it’s named as Kesari.

Mostly Southern people used to make rava Kesari with breakfast especially, during festival seasons. This is super easy to prepare at home as it takes only a few minutes of your precious time.

We can prepare it with different flavors like milk and various fruit tunes. Here I shared with milk tone and I encourage you to try all the possible ways to enjoy the Kesari.

The end outcome of this recipe is smooth, orange-colored with mild milk and ghee flavored one.

Tips: Use can follow the same method for vermicelli Kesari. For other kinds of Kesari add water instant of milk along with smashed fresh fruits.

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