Sweet Corn Soup is a combination of Indo-Chinese vegetable soup. The soup is of thick, creamy texture and is extremely healthy.

The main ingredient in this recipe is sweet corn kernels, hence the name sweet corn soup. Some of the Indo-Chinese sauces are used to get those amazing flavors in this dish.

Anyone can make this soup with the limited ingredients available in the kitchen. It is easy-to-make and will not take too much time.

The sweetness comes from the boiled corn kernels, so it is natural. But there is always an option to make it sweeter for your taste by adding sugar.

People love soups, especially if they have a Chinese influence in it. They are not only easily made but are also a light on the stomach and very much filling.

Here, there are not many vegetables in this recipe. But, you can add vegetables like kale or broccoli to this soup. Just remember to chop them as fine as possible. It will blend well with the flavors. Also, you can have the consistency as per your liking.

The usage of sauces is also upon you. Experiment with it as you want. Just don’t go too overboard. You need to keep the flavors lighter. Nothing too hot or sharp, even if it is spicy.

Soups are a really good option for people with stomach problems and for toddlers. Moreover, this soup is best for weight loss and for those who are dieting. Besides, we also have found this soup many times on the menu at a party or similar occasions.

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