Aloo Gobhi sabji is simply potatoes & cauliflower cooked using Indian masala. Every household in India more or less eats aloo gobhi either in lunch or as dinner.

The reason behind the popularity of this dish is cooking time. Additionally, there are fewer ingredients in it which makes this famous Indian dish smackable.

Hence, without much ado, let me walk you through the ingredients and the making process.

Ingredients in Aloo Gobhi Sabji

First thing first, the ingredients of aloo gobhi are easily available. There are no out of box masala or herbs used here. Such dishes have earned a repo of zatpat sabji. I mean the overall time, including cooking & preparation, is much less compared to other dishes. Having said that, take a look at what have I used:


Of course, potato & cauliflower because we are making the chatakedar aloo gobhi sabji. The list of vegetable here is a total no brainer.

Herbs & Spices

Totally Indian spices and herbs are induced in this fatafat aloo gobhi sabji. Regular Indian masalas like cumin, coriander-cumin powder, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt, etc., are used. However, you can skip red chilli powder if you want the sabji texture green.

Green chilli, ginger, coriander are the culinary herbs that I have integrated into this dish. I have skipped garlic, but if you want, you can go ahead with it.

Cooking Oil

Ghee or butter can be a great substitute for cooking oil. The sabji will taste better if you are using ghee or butter. On the other hand, both ghee & butter controls the intensity of the spices in the dish. In short, your recipe will have a balanced taste.

The Cooking Process

I have one word for the entire aloo gobhi cooking process – easy-peasy.😁

Yeah, it’s indeed an easy job. Heat the cooking oil, prepare the tadka & add vegetables. Do some stirring, and voila, it’s ready. Bake some chapati like fulka rotli or make paratha and enjoy your potato cauliflower sabji.

Now that you know every single detail about this dish, why not try it today. Get in touch with me in the comment section for any query. Do let me know when did you make this recipe.

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