Aloo Gobhi sabji is simply potatoes & cauliflower cooked using Indian masala. Every household in India more or less eats aloo gobhi either at lunch or at dinner.

The reason behind the popularity of this dish is cooking time. Additionally, there are fewer ingredients, which brings out the flavour of aloo and gobhi. As a result, you get an effortless yet delicious item to eat.

Hence, without much ado, let’s get started with our desi aloo gobhi ki sabji.

Why is aloo gobhi popular?

There are ample reasons, and two of them are already discussed above. One is the overall cook time, and the second is the taste. Apart from these two features, there are a few more I would want to talk about. Here they are.

Aloo gobhi is tiffin-friendly. Since there’s no gravy, you can pack it in a tiffin box for the office. Without gravy, the sabji will not spill. Not only tiffin but you can also pack for school lunch box too. Children will love this dry and mildly spicy dish. Moreover, it has potatoes coated in masala, making the eating experience delightful.

On top of it, the recipe requires minimal pre-preparation. I point out that even if you don’t have anything on hand except potato and cauliflower, you can still plan to cook it.

Why must you cook aloo gobhi often?

I have one word for the entire aloo gobhi cooking process – easy-peasy.😁

Yeah, it’s indeed an easy job. Heat the cooking oil, prepare the tadka & add vegetables. Do some stirring, and voila, it’s ready. Bake chapati like fulka rotli or make paratha and enjoy your potato cauliflower sabji.

Aloo gobhi for breakfast

I often cook aloo gobhi but particular dry because everyone loves it that way. My family loves eating it with paratha during breakfast, especially on Sundays. It would help if you also tried it. I think the combo of aloo and gobhi gives you a kind of bhaji. However, it is not a typical bhaji that we eat with puri still; I feel you can enjoy it for breakfast.

I serve it with puri, paratha, butter roti or toasted bread with pickles. Your Sunday will become one of the best days of the week. Not only this, but your family will keep asking for more.

Aloo gobhi extra shots

Here are some spicy tips to enhance the flavour of your aloo gobhi sabji.

  • Add 2-3 tbsp plain unsweetened curd to make your sabji lachkedar. Don’t add the curd water.
  • Dry roast potatoes separately to add a smokey & crunchy flavour to the recipe.
  • You can also give smoke to the final dish by dripping 1/2 tsp ghee on hot charcoal.
  • Chaat masala is a flavourful powdered masala. Add 1 tsp for extra taste.
  • Green chilli paste is the best alternative to red chilli powder. Try it.
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