Here are some amazing Indian Breakfast recipes to try. We know how our mornings are sometimes lazy, especially in winter. How good it will be if we give you a list of some simple yet amazing Indian Breakfast Ideas?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. My grandmother used to say” Eat your breakfast like a king”. As much as it has to be savory and nice, it has to be delicious too.

So here is the list of 17 amazing Indian breakfast recipes that you should start making right now.

The best part of these recipes is that they are simple and very easy to make and another thing is that they are amazingly delicious. They provide you with the required energy & also nutrients.

What are you waiting for? Let’s make our mornings delicious and unforgettable.

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1. Capsicum Masala Tikki

Indian Breakfast Recipes


Complete source of carbs and the best way to stuff yourself. Made with potatoes and Indian spices giving it an aromatic flavor.

2. Idli Finger Fries

Indian Breakfast Recipes


A new fusion to our regular idlis. Now make idli fries instead of french fries. Amazing idli in foreign style.

3. Egg Stumbler 

Indian Breakfast Recipes

Powerpack breakfast for you and your family. Eggs and bread – protein and carbs. If you are an egg lover then this can be a real treat to your taste buds.

4. Khandvi

Indian Breakfast Recipes


Khandvi is a farsaan dish that you can eat at breakfast and dinner as well. Make this dish and fell in love with its soothing taste and raw flavor.

5. Bombay Veg Sandwich

Indian Breakfast Recipes

This is what sandwich dreams are made of. A quick bite for everyone. I call it an anytime-anywhere food. All you have to do is carry all ingredients in a picnic box and eat it while on the train, or the top of a mountain or a garden.

6. Indian Masala Omelet 

Indian Breakfast Recipes


Indian Masala Omelet is one satisfying Indian breakfast that you want to wake up to. Omelete doesn’t need any intro at all. Thanks to those who excluded eggs from the non-vegetarian list.

7. Onion Pakoda

Indian Breakfast Recipes

Such a chillout amazing breakfast idea. The week offs and Sundays can become best with these savory Onion Pakodas.

8. Schezwan Vegetable Cheese Dosa

Indian Breakfast Recipes


“Thoda sa Desi Aur Thoda ViDesi”. This is spicy and chilly cheese dosa tastes like heavenly food. Your kids will love it.

9. Medu Vada

Indian Breakfast Recipes

A very famous South Indian dish that is famous not only across India but also internationally. This miniature stuffed and fluffy Medu Vada are here to make some morning noise.

10.Bread Poha

Indian Breakfast Recipes


A simple Indian breakfast recipe. Serving bread Poha with curd with a glass of milk or a fried/boiled egg will make your day.

11. Elephant Foot Yam

Indian Breakfast Recipes

Elephant Foot Yam is a super crisp and tender, with a hint of “breakfast of the day”. It goes well with any kind of rice varieties & especially curd rice.  It will taste best with South Indian style rasam (like tamarind soup).

12. Palak Moong Dal Chila

Indian Breakfast Recipes


Palak Moong Dal Chilla is an ideal way to include the palak (spinach) along with lentils to kids or toddlers meal or for their school snack box. A powerhouse of nutritional breakfast to give you energy all day long.

13. Gujarati Dhokla

Indian Breakfast Recipes

What can be a better Sunday morning chatting with all family members & having Gujarati Dhokla in hands? It is way more fun than your average breakfast.

14. Potato & Sooji Snack

Indian Breakfast Recipes


Delicious semolina and potato snacks are a perfect snack for parties or even festivals. It’s typical morning ka Nashta. Tea time recalling too.

15. French Scrambled Eggs

Indian Breakfast Recipes

How about french feeling in an Indian breakfast. 100% purely proteinous food for a perfect breakfast.




16. Paneer Paratha



Paneer Paratha is a traditional North Indian dish perfect for breakfast. It’s delicious and easy to make. The paneer filling tastes great. One can add various flavors to enjoy the hot paratha in a refreshing morning.

17. South Indian Idli

South Indian Idli

South Indian Idli is an appetizing and delicious breakfast choice. Many Indians prefer eating Idlis in the morning for a light breakfast.

Enjoy this amazing soft Idli with sambar and make your morning pleasant.

18. Dal Vada



Dal Vada is a crunchy and delicious savory to serve with a morning tea. These are deep-fried, something spicy and made from chickpea lentils or chana dal.

Also, it is stapled street food in south India and also most suitable during the rainy season.

19. Bread Rolls



Bread Rolls are crunchy and delicious for breakfast. Made by stuffing the bread with a spiced mixture like potato or paneer. Then the bread is rolled in an oval shape after filling the mixture and deep-fried.

Even it’s an amazing choice for party snacks. They go well with green chutney or tomato sauce.

20. Egg In A Hole

Egg In A Hole Recipe - Easy Breakfast Recipe

Egg in a hole is an amazing bread toast breakfast choice for kids and adults in the house. The look and taste are mesmerizing. It’s perfect English breakfast an Indian family can enjoy in the morning.

You can enjoy this with a small cup of coffee or watermelon juice.

21. Grated Boiled Egg Sandwich

grated boiled egg sandwich

A grated boiled egg sandwich is quick, easy to make and delicious dish. A protein-rich recipe suits best even for kid’s lunch box.

Made with a grated boiled egg and schezwan chutney that youngsters enjoy the most.

These Indian breakfast recipes are really easy. If you want it to have dinner, this will surely work. Hope this list will help you ease your thought process on lazy weekends.

For any queries, you can always write in the comment section & we will be happy to answer.