Cheese Idli is a delicious snack recipe to give you scrumptious joy. It’s mixed with some veggies and sprinkled red chili flakes to make it a real charmer.

Delightful, yummy and especially kids going to love it. Made with onion, green chili, tomatoes, capsicum and fried wi mustard seeds & cumin powder. It’s an instant snack recipe that will make you go mad over its taste and look of the dish.

You can add some more spices or sauces to give a different taste. It’s. one of the best things on the planet for snack time.

This is a quick idli recipe you can make for family or any small gatherings at home. So, is there anyone who doesn’t love cheese? Probably very less. So, let’s enjoy the cheese trail over the idli.

Though it is a south Indian dish, we can experiment with any taste or texture we want. If you have leftover idli, then also you can use it in making cheese idli. It’s so delicious & also an innovative version.

This is a South Indian recipe blended with melting cheese and sprinkled with red chili flakes. Very easy to make, and also suffice your cheese cravings.

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