When we have anything leftover at my home, we generally don’t cook anything out of it. That’s what my mom’s tendency is. One day we were chatting about our evening tea; I asked her why you aren’t making anything out of those chapatis?

She said she doesn’t know what can she cook. Later, I just scrolled down to my lappy & searched so many recipes & it just blows my mind. So much we can make from leftovers!

Mom was happy that we finally found something delicious to make this evening. Mainly in the mornings, we have some leftover chapatis. Now we know the secret of these leftover chapati recipes to use in all daily meals.

I couldn’t wait to tell you these readers, so why not share today, I thought. After all, sharing is caring.

1. Leftover Roti Veg Quesadilla

2. Leftover Chapati Chips Served With Veg Raita

Leftover Chatpati Roti Chips

Source: www.eathealthyeathappy.com

I always believe, every recipe has alternative ingredients to make out another recipe. It is the same kind of combination. Salsa=Raita & tortilla=chapati chips. How amazing is that, right? Make your counterpart combination now.

3. Leftover Chapati Noodles

Leftover roti noodles

Source: www.hebbarskitchen.com

So basically, just like my previous description, another fusion recipe is here. You roll the chapati or roti & cut it in noodle shape, and we call it the chapati noodles recipe. Innovation is everything.

4. Leftover Chapati Kheer


Source: www.udupi-recipes.com

This recipe does deserve to be on the list. One can make a sweet dish out of leftover Rotis. It tastes so rich because it has coconut milk, dry fruits, ghee  & jaggery syrup. Wow! wow!

5. Leftover Chapati Halwa

leftover chapati halwa

Source: www.cooksafari.co.in

This one of the kids will love the most. Kids generally don’t eat leftover food the very next day in their breakfast or lunch. So be creative with your leftovers & make something delicious out of them. I am always a fan of halwa in whichever form mom serves me.

6. Leftover Vaghareli Roti

leftover vaghareli rot

Source: www.binjalsvegkitchen.com

It’s a perfect lunch recipe you can cook. It’s prevalent between Gujarati as generally, they always prefer this recipe with leftover Rotis. It has a tangy & spicy taste. It is mixed with yogurt and spices added to the taste.

7. Leftover Roti Pizza

leftover roti pizza

Source: www.mintsrecipes.com

Attention! Pizza has now turned into the healthy category. Because now it is made out of your daily lunch doze – Rotis! What a unique idea! By the way, this is another fusion recipe. This dish is going to bell the foodies.

8. Leftover Chapati Nachos

leftover chapati nachos

Source: www.whatscookingmom.in

I mean, how many fusion recipes of Roti now! Don’t we all love nachos? Nachos are made from wheat flour, so they may not be suitable to eat at daily snack time. This Nachos made from your regular Rotis will be the healthiest option for your kid’s health.

9. Leftover Roti Upma

leftover roti upma

Source: www.timesofindia.com

Upma is a famous breakfast food we can have. It is always healthy. The extra layer of
healthiness added when you make Upma with leftover Chapatis.

10. Leftover Roti Burrito

leftover Roti Burritos

Source: www.recipesdabba.com

It is a very straightforward recipe to make from the leftovers roti in your house. A burrito is a Mexican cuisine recipe, and it straightly satisfies the dieting members of your family.

11. Leftover Roti Khakhra Chaat

leftover roti khakhra chaat

Source: www.tarladalal.com

A very nutritious recipe – The Khakhra made out of Roti is crushed and mix with veggies, lime juice, and coriander. Serve this in the early morning and energise your family members with its taste.

12. Leftover Chapati Cutlet

leftover chapati cutlet

Source: www.zaykakatadka.com

In our busy schedule, quick bites are boon to us. From leftover chapatis, make these small Tikkis. It’s the best evening recipe to go for your private family talks.

13. Leftover Chapati Samosa

Source: www.cookpad.com

Since 25 years I was born, I never heard about Chapati Samosa before – an epic recipe. I am a big fan of samosa. I always have when I am going to a movie or picnic or street shopping. But still, wondering how to make it from Rotis? View the secretive recipe.

14. Chapati Kothu Parotta With Leftover Chapati


Source: www.kannammacooks.com

Chapati Kothu Parotta is an easy recipe made with whole wheat atta chapati. Stir-fry it and mixing all the masala, and serve it hot for lunch. Also, you can pack this in a tiffin box for your kids.

You have noodle, pizza, quesadilla, samosa- all the substitute available which will solve all these hunger pangs and that’s only one solution on this planet- your leftover Rotis at home.

Moms and newly married ladies, these will be creative solutions for you—all the best with this &. Please do share any other leftover roti recipe if I haven’t mentioned it. It will be nice of you because,

Sharing is Caring!

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