Turiya Patra is a traditional dish of Gujarati cuisine. It is a combination of ridge gourd and steamed Patra. The recipe is spicy, tangy, and a little sweet too in taste.

Some people do not steam the Patra or taro leaves. But it is going to take a long time for this dish to cook. Therefore, it is suggested to steam them before cooking as it will reduce the time.

You can make a patra at home. It can be challenging initially, but once you have practiced it, then it is no difficulty. Yet, if you want, you can use ready-made patra from the markets.

Typically, Turiya Patra is a favorite of a Gujarati and is popular too. A must dish in the Gujarati wedding.

This vegetable is very healthy. Ridge gourd is low on calories and carbs. So it is a great option to have while on a low carbs diet. Plus, it helps to maintain a low sugar level in the blood.

Besides, the taro leaves or Patra are very nutritious as well. They are a rich source of vitamin A. Therefore, it is excellent for your eye-sight.

To enjoy this dish, serve it hot immediately with roti, chapati, puri, bajra no rotlo, or phulkas.