Patra is a fried vegetarian snack recipe from the Gujarati cuisine. Colocasia leaves or arbi is the core of this dish. It is soft in texture and sweet, tangy, and a little spicy in taste.

People call this dish with different names across different parts of India. In the West coast & Himachal Pradesh of India, it is named Patrodu or Patrodo. In Gujarat, it is Patra, Patrodo in Maharashtra & Goa, Patrode in Coastal Karnataka.

Colocasia leaves are nutritious and healthy. Using them in this way will make it tasty as well.

You can make them easily at home. However, it may take some effort and practice to perfect this dish. But after that, it will be a smooth sail.

Patra is a highly popular snack amongst the Gujarati community. You will often find it served with meals as a side dish, in lunch boxes, or just as a snack at parties to the guests.

Some substitute spinach leaves to make this dish if colocasia leaves are not available. Or you can use small arbi leaves to make mini Patras.

You will also find these in packets in dry and hard form to eat. Enjoy these Patras with a cup of tea or with sweet and sour chutney.

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