Crispy Onion Rings are an appetizer or side dish in British & American cuisine. These are also French Fried Onion Rings and are classified as Hors D’eouvres.

These unique crispy Onion Rings are the perfect snack choices to satisfy your taste buds. But, do you miss making some yummy snacks in the evening or do you get confused about what you can make when your friend stops by your home?

The snack is similar to the onion fritters we have, and we generally make it during the rainy season. But I would say it is good for the morning and an evening snack.

You can prepare this fantastic mouth-watering recipe with just a handful of ingredients always available in your kitchen. This simple recipe will hustle you to bite more even if you have a full stomach.

Mozarella Onion Rings

These onion rings are great as it is. But to make it even better, add mozzarella cheese to the picture.

The overall recipe will be the same. The only addition will be placing the mozzarella in the rings. To do that, first cut the mozzarella into a bit thicker slices.

Now arrange the onion rings so that one can fit into a slightly bigger ring with some space between them. Then fill the space with the sliced cheese, pressing them a bit to pack.

After that, the rest of the recipe is the same. The only thing you need to be careful about while frying is the oil temperature while frying. Once the oil is hot, switch the flame to medium and fry the rings. It is crucial because if the oil is too hot when frying, the cheese won’t melt till the rings are brown. Or the coils will burn till the time the cheese melts inside. And if the oil turns cold than required, the rings will not cook properly, and the cheese will starts coming out.

Dip For The Rings

Again, you can have these delicious rings alone or with any of the dip or accompaniments you like.

Indians will prefer these with chutneys or will go by red sauce or ketchup. Salsa or schezwan sauce will be a good option as well.

Or you can make your dip for it. Take mayonnaise or cheese spread for the base. Some melted butter or melted cheese will be good to add. Then add the spices mentioned above or herbs to the dip. Mix everything, and it is ready.

Dijon mustard will taste great in this dip (or dip it in the mustard itself). You can even add some lemon juice or vinegar for tanginess. Enjoy the onion rings however you want.

TR’s Extra Shots:

  • If you can, use the more giant white onions. They are the best to use here.
  • Do not add too much liquid to the batter, or it will be runny and won’t stick to the rings.
  • I used Besan flour here, but you can try an all-purpose powder or rice flour to tune the taste. It will also get you crispier onion rings.
  • Soak the onion rings in water and pat them dry before coating them(preferably in cold water). It will make the onion a bit tender eliminating the sulphur and making the taste a little sweeter.
  • If you do not have prepared breadcrumbs, grind some toast coarsely or break them using a rolling pin on a rolling board. It will be good for crispiness as well.
  • Tempura batter will also be great as a batter here, especially if you do not want a thick coating on the rings, as this batter is light and airy.
  • Add a little bit of baking powder to the batter. It will puff up the rings and make them look tempting.
  • If you like, add a pinch of sugar to the batter for better taste.
  • As in the original recipe, you can add grated parmesan cheese to the breadcrumbs.
  • If you are going to sprinkle chaat masala over them, do it while frying the batches and not in the last stage altogether. It will help coat them with the masala a lot better.