These amazing crispy Onion Rings are the perfect choice for snacks to satisfy your taste buds. Do you miss making some yummy snacks in the evening or you get too confused about what you can make when your friend stops by at your home?

This is your solution to all your cravings. This is hell yummy and one of the best snacks of all time. I am sure you all agree with me.

We generally make this recipe during the rainy season. But I would say, it is good for the morning as well as an evening snack.

You can prepare this awesome mouth-watering recipe just a handful of ingredients which is always available in your kitchen. This simple recipe will hustle you to bite more and more even you feel a full stomach.

You can enjoy these crispy Onion Rings with any kind of chutney – Scezhwan or green chutney or dip into mozzarella cheese. Yum!

Additional tips: Here, I used Besan flour but you can try an all-purpose powder or rice flour to tune the taste. Also, you can put cheese slice in between the rings to make it a cheesy effective dish.