I & my family suddenly decided to go for a 3 days picnic. We decided on our dinner table that we all need a short break and decided the nearest place to chill out there. We all couldn’t sleep that night because of so much excitement we had.

So the next morning was completely in Hodgepodge. We didn’t have any food packages to take on a picnic.

In that case, my fridge has a whole Khajana into it. Thanks to such ready to spreads I have & that’s like more than 10 spread butter and chutneys. I love to have them in my morning breakfast.

I made some yummy snacks for all of us with these spreads and Tada! It was too quick. Now your classic picnic time meets modern days recipes.

Do you want these quick 15 min recipes to make your picnic memorable?

Click the image & find out recipes.

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1. Hummus Flatbread Pizzas With Greek Salad

Hummus Flatbread Pizza with Greek Salad

Source: www.thelemonbowl.com

This pizza is too quick and easy. Hummus as a spread tastes so good with pizza. It adds a new texture to it. Spread the hummus on pizza and add veggies for toppings. Take the heavenly taste.

2. Crunchy Falafel Wrap With Garlic Mayo

crunchy falafel with garlic mayo

Source: www.archnaskitchen.com

During vacation time when you go with your friends & family for a picnic, prepare these quick wraps. They will do justice to your taste buds. These wraps are full of onions, lettuce and garlic mayo as spreadings.

3. Schezwan Cheese Balls


Source: www.tarladalal.com

This is an Indo-Chinese snack recipe. The balls are deep-fried and have a cheesy core. It’s a very quick snack recipe that includes schezwan & onion as a base.

4. Nutella recipes

Nutella is the world’s most favorite spread for brunch as well as snacks, especially for kids and teens. This has a special corner in every Indian’s fridge. After all, it’s the yummiest treat to your stomach. There is an n number of things you can make with Nutella. And I want to tell you all of the recipes. Check out my recent blog on 12 Easy To Make Nutella Recipes For Breakfast.

5. Cauliflower Steaks With Mint Chutney


Source: www.nutritionstripped.com

Cauliflower is one of the most versatile vegetables you can cook in any way. It just tastes really good. You can add any kind of flavor to your cauliflower dish.  Here are Cauliflower steaks served with mint chutney. Readers if you know mint is so healthy that gives you instant freshness. Try this recipe. Again it’s very easy to make and quick snack items.

6. Onion Tomato Chutney Grilled Sandwich

onion tomato-chutney grilled sandwich

Sandwiches are the all-time favorite snack. And when you serve it with onion tomato chutney, it will blow away your taste buds. Endless cheese, endless spiciness makes you so happy & alive to the moments of passing through those forests. Click here for onion tomato chutney recipe

Please don’t thank me for solving your picnic food cravings until & unless you make it urself. I tell you which place we went to! We went to a beach which is 3 hours drive from my home & till we reach the resort, we didn’t find a good food restaurant or cafe.

You never know, when you will need this spreads to make your appetite satisfied. Don’t turn your picnic in horror instead make it full fledge a foodie picnic. what say!