Nutella has got all the love from kids of all ages. Even grandmother & fathers love to eat. Nutella is a simple spread taste like heaven on the planet just like peanut butter. Nutella is a mixture of chocolate & hazelnut and that’s why people love this combination so much.

Gone are the days when people were eating directly from jars. To help you fall in love even more with Nutella, we have combined some crazy finger-licking recipes. Click on image to get a full view of recipes.

Now make your mornings sweeter.

1. Stuffed French Toast With Apple & Nutella


This can be an on the go food or morning breakfast. By simply spreading the Nutella on the bread and topped with strawberry is what will suit your morning hunger.

2. Nutella Pizza


Nutella pizza to die for! You can make the pizza dough with wheat as well. This Nutella pizza looks similar to pizza. It’s super cool recipe to try at home. Kids gonna go nuts over the chocolate & strawberries. You can even add other toppings like blueberries or dry fruits.

3. Nutella Samosa


Nutella samosa


How about a samosa plate stuffed with only & only Nutella? Isn’t it going to kill your guest with creativity? So just cook this recipe at home and don’t forget to sprinkle sugar at the end.


4. Nutella Banana Bread


We always have that banana on our fruit jar and Nutella on the corner. Here is another fusion recipe to try. When I tried making it home, I felt like my whole body energy was back.

5. Nutella Crepes


They taste absolutely delicious. It tastes a bit like a pancake but it’s not heavy. It’s light and easy to digest. And when you put Nutella on it, it’s heaven on the plate!

6. Banana & Nutella Sushi


This is a delicious fruity snack. It’s a 15-minute recipe that you can prepare for any outings. You can also serve it in house parties. It will look cute on your parties platter.

7. Salted Nutella Cookies Bars


This is one of the utterly buttery recipes that you are going to love. It is very delicious due to the break out of the ingredients in making these cookies bars. It just has fewer ingredients and more buttery taste. There are no eggs or baking soda. But if you wish to put some eggs, surely you can for more soft touch. Don’t miss this bars!

8. Nutella Ferrero Rocher candy


nutella ferro rocher candy


Whether its birthday present, anniversary present or valentines day occasions, We can’t just forget to gift these goldie chocolaty balls. M I right? So I decided to give you a very simple recipe to make these balls at home adding some Nutella gem into it.

9. Nutella Cream Cheese Turnovers


Nutella cream cheese turnovers


It’s a puff pastry turnover filled with cream & cheese & melted Nutella. It’s going to fill your small sweet takes between daytime. These are not breakfast nor Dessert. I can’t tell that. I can only imagine this small mini puff Nutella going to my mouth.

10. Mini Nutella Doughnuts


Mini Nutella Doughnuts


Today add some Sweets during your lunchtime. These are Mini Doughnuts filled with melted Nutella. In the end, don’t forget to apply butter or oil with a brush on the doughnuts so as they don’t get sticky. Wow! I am loving it!

11. Nutella Hand Pies


Nutella hand pies


This is a crackling pastry ever you will be eating. The center is concentrated on filled Nutella with crunchy Hazelnut filling. These are soft & buttery mini pies Nutella parcels you can take when you go with your friends & enjoy the joy of crunch with some Nutella munch.

12. Nutella Granola


Nutella granola


First, let’s just clear your doubt about what exactly Granola is. It’s kind of breakfast cereal. It will remind you of museli. This recipe has lot flavor to give in. You can eat this Granola with milk in the morning. It has a lot of nutrients in it like oats, blueberries, maple syrup etc. It’s a new fashion breakfast you can try on today itself.

Nutella just adds one extra layer of happiness. It’s a heavenly taste like spread ever on the planet. Nutella is definitely got center stage in every recipe mentioned above. So don’t wait and just get all these on your yellow table.