Crushed Peanut Chikki is a traditional sweet of India. It is an Indian version of candy or toffee, we know. This sweet delicacy is semi-soft and nutty in flavor.

People of Gujarat and Maharashtra make it commonly during the winters. It is an unforgettable part of a  person’s childhood in India. Kids love to munch on it. It is a common occurrence to get to see this making in Indian households.

Jaggery is the main ingredient in preparing this Crushed Peanut Chikki. If the jaggery does not go well with the ingredients, one may not get the desired result. The consistency may be stringy or hard when cooked. Mostly, the regular jaggery is the perfect option to use here.

Usually, one can use crushed peanuts, but we are grinding it to powder. Both ways are alright. Keep it coarse if you like the crunch between your teeth while eating.

Also, it will be better if the peanuts are roasted. It will enhance the aroma and nuttiness of the chikki. One can even replace the nutmeg powder we are using with cardamom powder to get a pleasant aroma.

A variety of chikki is available in India. One will find til chikki, chana dal chikki, coconut chikki, almond or cashew chikki, etc. You can even find chocolate or strawberry flavor chikki in some dedicated sweet shops in Lonavala.

This sweet is also known as Gajak in North India. People enjoy this mostly during the winter season, especially during the festival of Makarsankranti. It is an ideal snack to provide warmth during the cold. But it is also great to present it to your guests for any occasion.

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