Kale Til Kachariyu is a traditional Gujarati sweet consisting of Black sesame as the main ingredient. It is an extraordinary winter dish as it has the qualities to fight against the cold weather.

One can get this ready-made from the market. But we are not assured of its quality. So make it at home with extreme ease and fuss-free.

Usually, people also include some spices and herbs while preparing this. But we are not using any of that. It is just going to taste naturally sweet.

The name for this dish is because of the Gujarati translation for grinding. Grinding in the Gujarati language is ‘Kacharvu.’ Since we are grinding all the ingredients, hence the name Kachariyu.

The reason people making kale til kachariyu in winter is to get warmth. However, it contains so many benefits that you can have this all year to get benefitted.

Jaggery and dates have numerous health advantages. They help in increasing immunity, strengthening joints, prevents body aches, etc. Therefore, consuming it more will get healthier.

Besides, you can present this in any shape you want to make it look pleasing. Either make a dome-like shape as we have, or spread it like fudge, or just set it and cut it into equal pieces. You can even give it the shape of a dumpling. Whatever is convenient for you!

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