Kale Til Kachariyu (કાળા તલનું કચરિયું) is a traditional Gujarati sweet. This particular sweet dish is a seasonal variety quite popular in the winter. The origins of kale til kachariyu lie in South Gujarat. I am talking about the Saurashtra (Kathiawar) region.

The native peoples of Kathiawar make kachariyu in the winter citing health benefits. Hence, today we will make the authentic Saurashtrian black til kachariyu. But first, we need to understand what exactly the word kachariyu means.

The word meaning of kale til kachariyu is crushed black sesame seeds sweet. However, not literally but the English translation is like that. The main ingredient here is the black sesame seeds.

The name for this native sweet dish is the Gujarati translation for grinding. Now grinding in the Gujarati language is ‘Kacharvu.’ Since we are grinding black til with other items, hence the name (kale til) Kachariyu.

TR’s Extra Shots for Kachariyu

  • Roast – As I said above roasting is not necessary. But doing it will add a crispy & nutty taste. You will like the crunchiness in each bite.
  • Jaggery – Don’t skip jaggery at all costs. Sugar is not an option here. It will destroy the health benefits of other items.
  • Almonds – Badam is considered healthy & has medicinal properties. Hence, using it will enrich the flavour & health benefits
  • Ghee – Strictly use ghee and not cooking oil. Even cow ghee is permissible. You can replace cow ghee with dairy ghee.
  • Cashews – They are only for decoration. Remember, don’t add cashews to the mixture. They aren’t part of the kale til kachariyu.
  • Dairy Item – We’ll use ghee to make this. Melt the ghee before adding. It will work as a binding agent to stack everything together especially if you make pieces.
  • Seeds – We are using black sesame seeds. You can roast them before grinding to remove the moisture. To add a smooth & creamy texture we have muskmelon & poppy seeds.
  • Natural Sweeteners – For the required sweetness, we will add dates & jaggery. Take 8-10 dates & remove the seeds or you can use packaged unseeded dates. Either of them is perfectly fine. Jaggery is an excellent natural sweetener. Moreover, jaggery is the reason behind kale til kachariyu is healthy.
  • Dry Powders – Dry ginger powder & ganthoda powder are used citing medicinal benefits. Consuming dry ginger powder aka sonth in winter is beneficial for health. Hence, don’t skip it. On the other hand, piper root is used in ganthoda powder. It improves digestion and is heavily used in traditional remedies.
  • Desiccated Coconut – The flaky coconut will add natural coconut oil to this sweet dish. If possible roast before adding. Roasting integrates nutty flavour & aroma. Try it.
  • Garnishing – Cashews & poppy seeds are to garnish the final dish. You can totally skip garnishing.

Variation of Kale Til Kachariyu

Sesame seeds aka til are an integral part of making kachariyu. You can make kachariyu in two variations. First, the kale til kachariyu that I have mentioned here. The second is the til kachariyu using white sesame seeds.

Rest every other item will remain as it is. Swap black til with white til.

Culinary Uses of Sesame Seeds

Both black & white sesame seeds are heavily used in Indian cuisines. The quantity depends on what particularly you plan to make. For example, sesame seeds work well in gravy recipes. On the other hand, you can make til gud ladoo using white sesame seeds.

Additionally, you can also make black til gud ladoo, til gud Chiki aka gajak. All in all, sesame seeds have a variety of uses.

Kale Til Kachariyu FAQs

Without roasting will kachariyu smell odd?

No, it will not. The raw smell of sesame seed is soothing. There’s no problem with fragrance if you don’t roast them.

Can I use sugar instead of jaggery?

No, don’t use sugar. Arrange jaggery from the local grocery store to make this dish. Sugar is not a good substitute for jaggery in here.

What is the difference between black & white til kachariyu?

The only difference is the colour. Taste & health-wise they both are same. You can make both of them.

Can I use dry fruits?

Adding dry fruits is not an issue here. You can certainly add them as per taste. However, traditional kachariyu doesn’t contain dry fruits.

What minimal items do I need to make kale til kachariyu?

You just need black sesame seeds, melted ghee & jaggery. Using these three items you can make kale til kachariyu.

Can I roast sesame seeds in the microwave or OTG?

Definitely. Make sure that you know the exact temperature settings of your microwave or OTG. One more thing, use parchment paper in the tray to prevent burning.

Can I skip ghee?

No, because melted ghee will bind everything together. If you skip the mixture will be dry & it won’t hold a particular shape for a long time.

Can I make ladoo out of the mixture?

You can give the desired shape to the mixture once it is ready. Either level it in a tray & cut it into pieces or make a ladoo. However, traditionally it is not made in a ladoo shape. They just grind & serve as it is.

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