Til Kachariyu is a traditional sweet recipe of Gujarat. It is a fudge-like dish that consists of jaggery and sesame as core ingredients.

Kachariyu word is derived from the Gujarati word “kacharvu.” The word means to crush or grind. We are grinding sesame seeds into the mixer, and thus the dish got the name kachariyu.

Til kachariyu has an earthy taste. It is power-packed and extremely nutritious for our health. This food is winter exceptional as it helps to provide warmth against the bitterly cold weather.

Besides, it is an easy-to-make and no-cook recipe. Seriously, you don’t even need to deal with flames here. So it will be no problem for a novice to make this sweet.

People commonly make this with white sesame seeds. But there is another version of this that one makes with black sesame seeds. The ingredients are the same but with black sesame seeds. Also, it usually contains some spices and herbs, and sometimes it tastes spicy as well. But that is not the case here. We are not using those things and are making them naturally sweet.

The presence of jaggery makes it healthier. Jaggery helps prevent anemia, is suitable for digestion, increases metabolism for respiration problems and joint pain. So it is a powerhouse recipe.

Enjoy this sweet delight in whatever shape you like. Be it a laddu, square piece, dome-like shape, or a fudge.

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