Til Gud Dry Fruit Ladoo are excellent in many ways. For instance, they have natural oils & sweeteners due to sesame seeds & jaggery. Above all, these ladoos are healthy to consume during the winters. I make these ladoos for the Uttarayan (Kite) Festival.

There’s one more critical aspect of til gud dry fruit ladoo, and they are an excellent food for weight loss. But, first, let me explain to you how.

Why are Til Gud Dry Fruit Ladoo Good for Weight Loss?

If you are dieting or monitoring your daily calorie intake, this ladoo will help. Wheat flour, dry fruits, ghee, jaggery & sesame seeds will keep you going throughout the day. With milk, just two ladoos in breakfast will suffice your food cravings until the afternoon. After that, it will fill your tummy & you will have almost zero junk food cravings.

They will suffice your food cravings and reduce the access intake of food. Why? It is because we don’t eat mindfully. Instead, we eat & overeat till we feel bloated. As a result, we invite digestive problems. Hence, eating this ladoo daily will decrease unnecessary food intake resulting in weight loss.

Regional & Winter Special Healthy Recipes

Below is the compilation of regionally popular recipes. These recipes are popular, but they are also a remarkable winter variety. Take a look at the list.

Almost every recipe contains sesame seeds (til) as the base ingredient if you look closely. In addition, sesame seeds are coupled with jaggery. Both of them have proven health benefits, especially during the winters.

These Mouth-Watering Ladoos are:

  • Chewy because of sesame seeds.
  • Tummy filling & best for weight loss.
  • Ideal for those who are calorie-conscious.
  • Nutty in flavour because of roasted peanuts.
  • Winter special as well as a festival delicacy.
  • Healthy due to dry ginger powder, jaggery & ghee.
  • A regional variety made with a bit of modification in the ingredients.

TR’s Extra Shots for Til Gud Dry Fruit Ladoo

Follow the tips below to save time, enrich the taste & eat healthy stuff.

  • Ghee – Try not to replace ghee with oil or other substitutes. Ghee is healthy & core ingredient of our til gud dry fruit ladoo.
  • Jaggery – Since we make healthy ladoos, we have natural sweeteners instead of processed sugar. So don’t skip or replace jaggery.
  • Roast – Roasting sesame seeds, dry fruits, desiccated coconut & peanuts. It includes a unique taste & fragrance.
  • Nutmeg – Use 1/4 tsp nutmeg powder if elaichi powder is unavailable. Nutmeg is strong in taste, hence use cautiously.
  • Dry Fruits – Note that dry fruits aren’t optional here. They are an essential part of this weight loss ladoo recipe.
  • Cashews – You can skip cashews, citing health reasons. However, you can’t skip almonds & walnuts because they won’t serve the purpose.
  • Sugar – Under no circumstance, you must use sugar or swap jaggery with sugar. Jaggery is readily available at grocery stores.

Til Gud Dry Fruit Ladoo FAQs

Since we know a lot about sesame seeds ladoo, it’s time to resolve the queries. Here they are.

Why til gud dry fruit ladoos are good for weight loss?

These ladoos are heavy & tummy filling. As a result, you will feel less hungry after eating them. This way, you can reduce overeating or take extra calories.

Why do you call til gud dry fruit ladoos healthy?

This particular ladoo recipe is winter special. Moreover, we have sesame seeds, jaggery, dry ginger powder & wheat flour. All these items contain essential nutrients—the reason behind til gud ladoo being healthy.

Can I swap white sesame seeds with black ones?

Yes, you do that. The difference is in colour; otherwise, the benefits are similar. The ladoo colour will be dark. That’s it.

Can we eat til gud ladoo at night?

I won’t suggest that because it won’t be easy to digest them during the night. However, to get the maximum out of these ladoos, you need to consume them in the morning. So please include them in your daily breakfast.

How come ghee is healthy?

Surprisingly, ghee is a rich source of healthy fats. On the other hand, we are using fat but in moderate quantity. Eating fatty foods such as ghee can help the body absorb essential vitamins and minerals.

Can I skip dry fruits in these til gud ladoo?

Yes, you can skip dry fruits & still, the outcome will be tasty. Try them, and you will love them.

What else can I skip in this recipe to make it less caloric?

You can skip other items except for sesame seeds, jaggery, wheat flour, & dry ginger powder, and you can skip other items. These four items are the minimum requirement to make the ladoo.

Can I skip wheat flour?

Using wheat flour means you will have to roast it with ghee. Hence, if you skip wheat flour, you will have to skip ghee. Adjust other items accordingly.