Kale-Til Gud Ladoo is a quick-to-prepare sweet. One can say it is a counterpart of regular white til ladoo.

Usually, til laddoo is a dish that people make during the winter at the festival of Uttarayan. It is famous in Maharashtra and Gujarat. However, they are of white sesame seeds.

People prefer to eat ladoo made with white sesame seeds, and thus they very rarely make it with black sesame seeds. But this kale-til gud ladoo is just as delightful to make as the white one. Moreover, this ladoo is healthy and nutritious.

Jaggery used in it is very good for providing energy and warmth against the cold wave. Black sesame seeds are a good source of fiber, vitamin B, blood cell formation, etc., and many more. Thus it is one of the great winter recipes.

Using black sesame makes it an innovative recipe of the traditional sesame ladoo. We are also using nutmeg here instead of the cardamom powder for the aroma. It has its pack of benefits making this recipe even healthier.

In the traditional recipe, some people also add crushed roasted peanuts. You can add that if you like, but I doubt that is even needed here. This recipe is excellent as it is!

This recipe is straightforward and quick to make, that too, with minimal ingredients. So it is a great food to have at the last moment to serve.

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Til Gud Laddu is a sweet snack of Indian cuisine. It is a winter snack in India, especially made on the festival of Makarsankranti.