Orange Burfi With Milk Powder is an Indian dessert recipe. This fudge-like sweet is delicate, rich with ghee and dry fruits.

Burfi is one of the desserts that Indians are crazy over, and orange Burfi is a Nagpur region specialty. So one is going to find this sweet on many occasions and cooked often. There are several ways to make burfi, and this recipe is one such version.

Typically, people make this using milk-solid and milk. But we are substituting them with milk powder here. You are going to get a nice consistency, and the process is comparatively more straightforward.

However, one might need to keep some patience while making this. It would also be best if you had energy and strength as it requires more stirring while making.

Sometimes, people make it by adding coconut powder or all-purpose flour. But one can replace it with almond powder as well. Likewise, one can get a variety of burfi by using different nuts and fruits.

There is also an option of using milkmaid or heavy cream while making Orange burfi with milk powder. It will not just enhance the flavor but the richness as well. One can make this burfi even after the season of oranges. Just store-bought orange juice is needed to use in place of freshly made orange juice.

It’s a melting to the mouth, mouth-watering sweet delight that will make you crave for more.

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