Besan Gatte is a popular Rajasthani cuisine. Gatta is gram flour-based dumplings that are added to a curd based curry. It is an easy recipe and it tastes really good.

There are different versions of making this gravy. In Punjabi style Gatta curry, no curd is used. Instead, onion is used in the curry.

Even in Rajasthan the ingredients changes depending on the individual’s taste & preferences. Some may even add tomatoes in the curry, whereas, it is absent in the authentic version of this dish. Onions and garlic can also be skipped in this recipe.

It might be time-consuming if you are making this dish from scratch. But all the efforts will be worth the results you will get.

Besan Gatte curry is really delicious and spicy. This dish can be served during lunch or dinner and you can devour it with either rice or roti.

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