Black Jamun Shots is a trendy, easy to make, non-alcoholic fusion drink.  Jamun, commonly known as Java Plum or Indian blackberry is a grind to make this drink.

Jamun or Jambu is a fruit available in every season. So Jamun shots is also a great drink to cool the summer heat off your body during the scorching heat. The addition of mint leaves also contributes towards the cooling process.

Not only it is a great way to fight the summer heat, but also this fruit is good for health too in other seasons as well. Jamun is a fruit with multiple health benefits.

Also, black Jamun shots are helpful in digestive ailments, controlling diabetes, helping with heart disease, increase in hemoglobin production, good for skin and teeth, and many more other benefits. And mint leaves are also famous for their own health benefits.

Besides, we all love a drink this fresh. Not just the taste is great but the color of this drink makes it even more eye-pleasing. And not to forget, offering it to your guests at parties or gatherings will be an entirely unique thing.

And it is such a quick and easy process. You just need to worry about the availability of the fruit because no other ingredient is hard to get.

You can use simple salt other than the rock salt we used here. Moreover, you can experiment with your own choice of ingredients if you wish.

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