Litchi Rose Cooler is a fantastic and refreshing mocktail drink perfect for summer. It is a great summer drink that we can easily make at home.

Litchi is a succulent and delicious fruit available during summer. However, we do not use this fruit to the optimum. We are busy going crazy behind mango and melons secondary to that. Nevertheless, it is a refreshing cooling drink consisting of flavours of rose and litchi. Initially, it is a cocktail combination. But since we are not using alcohol, it will come under a mocktail.

This mocktail is a nice balance of tangy and sweet flavour that sparkles on your taste palates. Moreover, it is straightforward and always ready in a jiffy.

Reasons to love this drink.

  • It is a refreshing combination of rose drink and litchi drink.
  • The ingredients are readily available.
  • The flavour of this drink is delicious, and the look is highly tempting.
  • It gives you a new option from regular lemonades to quench your thirst.
  • It is also a healthier option than soft drinks at a party.
  • Litchis are packed with vitamins and minerals.
  • This drink is flexible, and you can experiment with different ingredients to get a new version.
  • Beat some non-dairy creamer (or coffee whitener) until thick. Then pour the foam over the drink in the glass. You will have litchi rose macchiato.

Litchi Rose Cooler Chef Style

Except for the method, this version is not much different from what we have done.

What you need to do here is blend the litchi pulp. Then, drop the required ice cubes in the glass of your choice and top it up with some rose syrup over them. Finally, pour the blended litchi over them but not mix the ingredients.

Add a little lemon juice for some tart and club soda as per the taste. Present the drink with a garnish of a slice of lemon and cherry on top.

Note: Serve this drink in a margarita glass. It will look tempting and exotic. Also, this version will be thicker than what we made.


  • You can make a rose syrup by cooking rose petals and sugar with water. Then, filter the petals, store them and use them to make the drink.
  • Similarly, you can use lemon juice instead of squeezing the lemons if you already have them.
  • If you do not have any ice present, then directly use chilled/icy water in the recipe instead of water at room temperature.
  • You can add rose syrup and lemon juice with ice and have a rose lemonade drink ready.
  • One can use orange flavour soda to get a new version.
  • If you use canned litchi, you may add them more for better flavours.

Ideas For Presentation

To make a mocktail or drink more attractive, we must give a proper presentation. Down below are some ideas that hopefully help you with that. Then, serve them professionally using these ideas and stand out.

Proper Glassware

  • Choose proper glassware to serve the drink. Usually, mocktails are served in highball glasses, but it is not a compulsion.
  • If you want to separate the rose and litchi layers, then using a martini or shots glass will be better. The layers will be more accentuated. A tall martini/beer juice glass will be good too.
  • Make a stroke in whatever pattern you want on the outside of the glass with honey. Then, roll the glass into a flower. The petals will stick to the honey and create a design. It will look excellent if you are using a champagne flute. But keep it simple.

Decoration Ideas

  • One can never go wrong with the traditional way of infusing salt over the rim of the glass. Especially over a martini glass. Use lemon peel or slice to do so.
  • Make litchi glass jelly. Put them on a long toothpick and put them in your drink glass.
  • Similarly, you can arrange the pieces of fruits you are using on a toothpick (or skewer if the glass is more oversized). Again, berries will look exceptional presented like this.
  • Then, if you like simplicity, garnish the drink with rose petals or mint leaves. You can also place a tender twig/ thread of herbs like rosemary, thyme, lemongrass, or mint in the glass. You can also use it with the berries.
  • Or you can stick a slice of lemon, orange, or strawberry on the rim of the glass. Or even a lemon peel will be good enough.
  • You can also place herbs in water and freeze them to make ice cubes. Then, directly use them in the drink. Similarly, you can have flavoured ice cubes.
  • If you wish to be more creative, make strips of your choice fruit (using a vegetable peeler), wave/twist it a bit, and pass it through the toothpick. Then, please place it in the glass for serving. You can use more than one fruit for this. For example, one can use cucumber strips as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use canned litchi or litchi juice?

Yes. Canned litchi will work fine, or even the juice and syrup. But we will recommend using litchi fruit for freshness as it affects the taste of this drink a bit.

What else can I make from rose and litchi?

You can make lemonade from these ingredients. Or you can use them to make a virgin mojito, mocktail, or even litchi rose tea.

How else can I experiment with this drink?

You can experiment with it by adding different fruits to the drink. For example, it goes well in oranges, grapes, cranberry, strawberry, etc… Apart from the fruit, you can also use soda or fruit juices in the drink to make it more delicious.

How can I make litchi rose cold brew?

Cook the juice from blended litchi with sugar and water. Once the sugar is dissolved, add a little bit of grass jelly powder, stir and cook till it comes to a boil. Please store them in a mould/ice tray and refrigerate them to set them. Then add these as per requirement in a glass, rose syrup, soda, and cold brew coffee/tea.

If you do not wish to make the litchi glass jelly, use the litchi juice and the other ingredients.

How does the litchi rose cold brew taste?

It is a light and sweet drink with the flavour of the brew. You may also find the taste a little flowery.

Can I make litchi rose bubble tea?

Yes, you can make bubble tea from it. To do that, you must have litchi juice, rose syrup, tapioca pearls, milk, and tea with water and ice. First, you may need to boil the pearls as per the instruction on the packet. Then assemble and mix all the ingredients. It would be best if you assembled them in order of tapioca pearls, rose syrup, tea, litchi juice, ice cubes, and milk.

We already have several other summer drinks like mango melon smoothie, raw mango juice, mango rabdi, watermelon mojito, lemon ice tea, etc. If not these, then we make lemonade.