Mango Melon Smoothie is a refreshing smoothie for summer. It is nutritious and tummy-filling. Perfect to start your day with. It is a unique combination of mango and melon together.

Honestly, muskmelon (or cantaloupe) is a very underrated fruit. How many of you even notice this fruit among other ones? I am sure not many even glance at it, right?🙁

I was the same until I tasted it. And I loved the natural sweetness this fruit has in abundance. Oh, and having it with some lemon juice squeezed over it. Just pure yum!😋😋

And I am not even adding the benefits muskmelon has. Using it with mango in this smoothie is a great way to enjoy this fruit.

Besides, I haven’t even listed down the benefits of this smoothie. It is filled with vitamins A and C. It is a gluten-free and no-cook recipe as well.

Why Should You Try This Drink?

  • A unique and fresh smoothie recipe.
  • It’s healthy and tummy-filling.
  • This will provide an abundance of Vitamins A and C.
  • A great way to use muskmelon in your food.
  • You can treat yourself by adding ice cream or flavoured syrup to the drink.
  • It has multiple health benefits that you cannot miss out on.
  • This juice will be ready in a jiffy.
  • It is a fuss-free and no-cook recipe.
  • A great recipe to try for health-conscious people.
  • You can have this for a post-workout smoothie.

Tips For Mango Melon Smoothie

  • You can also try this recipe with avocado or watermelon (a popular one). Then, either replace it with melon or add it as the third fruit.
  • Simple milk or coconut milk can be a substitute for curd here.
  • Ice cream or heavy cream can also replace curd, just like curd.
  • Some even like plain or coconut water in this recipe. So try to experiment with that.
  • Vanilla extract can be used as well.
  • A dash of cardamom powder will also provide a nice aroma.
  • A little strawberry crush can also increase the deliciousness of this smoothie.

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