Kiwi Apple Smoothie is a super delicious & healthy low sugar drink. It is one of the best solutions for a quick, nutritious breakfast.

A kiwi smoothie will be perfect for a healthy breakfast and snack option. Even a glass of this smoothie will be enough. It will provide you with enough energy to last a few hours at the very least.

On top of it, the kiwi apple smoothie is tummy-filling. Thus, you need not eat anything else after having this for quite a long time.

What is a Smoothie?

Smoothies are generally a drink made with pure fruits and vegetables. They are blended smoothly along with yoghurt or milk and ice. Sometimes, using cottage cheese.

Ingredients like honey or sugar are sweeteners, but avoid sugar to make it healthy. Green smoothies generally have up to 40% of green vegetables. They are thick and smooth in texture.

Don’t you guys think it sounds familiar to one of the Indian drinks? Any guesses? LassiYes, Lassi is our version of a smoothie. Who knew?😀😀

Variations of Kiwi Apple Smoothie

If you browse the internet for Kiwi smoothies, you will get overloaded. There are a ton of varieties available. Trust me when I say that you will find a combination of Kiwi with almost every fruit and some vegetables.

I’ve seen recipes for Kiwi smoothies with every imaginable fruit. Not only that but with vegetables like celery, kale, spinach & even broccoli as well. (I know some of you had made a face at those names.🙁🙁) If you are health conscious or dieting, you must try it.

The basic kiwi smoothie will contain bananas most of the time. Therefore, Kiwi Banana Smoothie is more popular. The least used fruit in those recipes might be an apple. Other than that, different berries like strawberries, raspberries, black currents, etc., are preferable.

Other than all these, chia seeds are heavily used in smoothies. It acts as a thickener in case you don’t have yoghurt. Blend it with other fruits as well.

Apart from this, avocado is good when preparing a green Kiwi smoothie. To add to the health factor, oatmeals will be great. But remember to grind them before using them in the smoothie finely.

Lastly, silken tofu is also an option. Not only it just has a neutral taste, but it will provide a creamy texture and a vegan protein source.

Why Rock Salt, Chaat Masala and Cinnamon Powder?

Simple salt will do, but rock salt enhances the taste. To make it more flavoury, use chaat masala as well.

Cinnamon has a strong aroma. As a result, it adds a natural fragrance to the smoothie.