Peanut butter banana smoothie is a tummy-filling evening drink mix of some hearty ingredients like peanut butter, banana, almonds, milk & honey. There is no sugar added in the smoothie & that is why it is healthy.

This drink is one of my favorites because it solves my lot of purpose & I am sure it will solve yours too. My evening 5’clock time literally gives me hunger pangs and with only eating wafers and biscuits I don’t feel full. Secondly, I go to the gym, therefore, I need a pre work out drink too.

I met one aunty at my gym. She is around 45 years old. We are good friends. She told me about her kid not eating vegetables properly. Sometimes her kid skips dinner also. I told her about this smoothie and she got a huge smile. She told me that her kid is a big fan of banana.

The problem was solved. It is really easy to make as I have shot a video for you all in my kitchen as well.

Like every teen, kids & adult having a limitation on a daily schedule, they can just make this amazing 10-minute smoothie at home before gym or tuitions.

Feeling your tummy with wholesome protein gives you a good mood as well. When your stomach is full of healthy ingredients, you can concentrate on your work really well. This peanut butter banana smoothie is my savior.