Chocolate Lassi is yet another sweet lassi with a flavourful twist. The making process is similar to any other flavoured lassi you make. The only difference is the taste and items used to garnish. For instance, you can flavour plain lassi by adding chocolate. When you do this, you get chocolate lassi.

If you replace chocolate with rose, mango or pineapple essence, you get rose lassi, mango lassi or pineapple lassi. If you observe closely, the base of all these lassis, the plain white sweetened curd, remains the same. All you need to do is add flavour and garnish it using colourful ingredients.

Okay, now back to the chocolate lassi. Apart from chocolate, there’s something more here. Let’s see what it is.

Oreo Biscuit & Chocolate Syrup

Are you wondering how the oreo biscuit fits in the chocolate lassi recipe? First, let me clear the air. Oreo biscuit is not the main ingredient here. Instead, the dark oreo biscuit crumbs will be used to garnish the final serving. However, you can always substitute oreo with other dark-coloured sweet biscuits.

Then we have thick and shiny chocolate syrup. I love this item. Let me tell you this. I prefer using Hershey’s chocolate syrup in my recipes, and the same has been used in this chocolate lassi too. The viscosity of Hershey’s chocolate syrup is excellent for drizzling. Watch the recipe video to see how I have drizzled the syrup on top of the lassi.

Moreover, the thick syrup also helps you decorate the glass. I have done this too. Refer to the recipe video. Cafeterias use dark chocolate syrups to decorate cold coffee. In short, it is not only for decoration but sometimes as a significant ingredient.

Why Cadbury Shots?

There’s one particular reason behind using the Cadbury Shots. It doesn’t contain biscuits like KitKat, so you get pure chocolate. However, you can’t use it because it is a biscuit wrapped in chocolate. Hence, you get a small amount of readymade chocolate.

My point is you won’t get the desired texture or flavour using Kitkat. On the contrary, if you have other whole chocolate, go with it. Cadbury Shots chocolate balls aren’t mandatory.

Dark Chocolate Compound to Make Chocolate Lassi

Using a chocolate compound is altogether a different thing. These compounds are heavily used in commercial cakes, muffins or cupcakes. If you want to use a chocolate compound, use the sweetened one. Moreover, you will have to melt the compound using milk in a double boiler.

Keep it thick because it will mix with the plain white lassi. Adding the dark chocolate compound directly to the lassi base won’t serve the purpose. It will not melt and mix. You will have to melt it first.

Use the Cadbury Shots chocolate balls if you don’t have dark chocolate compounds. You can even use the chocolate of your choice. After all, it is your lassi. So make it the way you want.