Chikoo Lassi is a yoghurt based smoothie with chikoo. It is a popular extension of the simple sweet lassi.

This lassi has a similar look to that of chocolate lassi and can be confused with each other. However, both are entirely different.

The base ingredients of any lassi are the same. However, just the main ingredient will differ as per the variation of the lassi you are planning to make.

Chikoo Lassi vs Milkshake

Both drinks are similar, and both have chikoo as their main ingredient. But obviously, they are entirely different drinks.

The base of both the drinks is the exact opposite. Chikoo lassi consists of plain yoghurt or curd, whereas milkshake consists of milk. So the taste and texture of both the drinks are entirely different.

While chikoo lassi will taste sweet and tangy due to the curd, chikoo milkshake will taste just sweet with the subtle taste of the milk. It may or may not be mild as well. And as for the texture, the lassi will be thicker than the milkshake. It is adjustable as per your liking. However, both will be smooth in texture unless you add chikoo pieces and experience them on your tongue and mouth.

Even though my personal favourite is the chikoo milkshake, the lassi version is equally worth trying.

Taste Of Chikoo Lassi

This summer coolant is made using sapota or chikoo and yoghurt along with sugar. These are the main ingredients. Therefore, you will experience sweetness while drinking this, both from the sugar and Chiko’s natural taste. You are also going to taste the slightly tangy flavour of yoghurt. It is a nice variety drink of chikoo apart from chikoo milkshakes.

You want to have it chilled, or else it will not be that enjoyable. To get that, either toss this in the refrigerator for the same purpose or add ice cubes while blending in case you do not want to wait for it to cool. Be careful when adding the ice cubes, or more ice can disturb your drink’s consistency.

Likewise, all the ingredients are adjustable per your liking and preferences.

TR’s Extra Shots:

  • Use sweet and chilled curd. Sour curd is not the ideal ingredient here.
  • You can increase or decrease the amount of sugar depending on your taste.
  • You can add a pinch of cardamom to the lassi if you like. However, it is up to you ultimately.
  • Similarly, you can garnish it with some dry fruits if you want. But this is best if you keep things simple.
  • Use chikoo that is ripe and sweet. They will be softer than others.
  • One can replace ice cubes with chilled milk or water to add a smooth taste.