Apple juice is one of the most refreshing and healthiest beverages full of vitamins & minerals. We are juicing fresh apple, adding sugar syrup and ice cubes – chilled, quick in time juice.

There is a very well-known saying: “An apple a day keeps a doctor away.” It has concentrated natural phenols which helps reducing stress and makes your mind calm.

You can make an Apple juice in two ways: With milk or without milk. We have made without milk. To prevent it from getting brown you can add a half lemon squeeze.

Perfect to have it after or before a workout. Great during the summer days. You can serve it with ice cubes for a refreshing treat.

You can make this for iftar too. It is better to have something healthy rather than concentrated or colored sharbat drinks.

Health benefits of Apple juice:

  • Good for your heart.
  • Lowers the risk of diabetes.
  • Helps to defend major cancer diseases.
  • Contains antioxidents which helps run the immune system smoothly and fight against Asthma.

Make this healthy juice at home and feed your kids and elders for better health.

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