Orange Coconut Burfi is a modified version of the regular coconut burfi. This is another one of the popular sweets of the Nagpur region of India.

We always love and enjoy eating delicious sweet food. You will find several sweets in Indian cuisine, both traditional and innovative recipes.

Many people love coconut burfi. And adding the orange flavor to it makes it even more delightful.

As said before, it is originally from Nagpur. Because this region is well-known for its production of great quality oranges, it is not surprising to find this recipe originating there.

Orange Coconut Burfi is sweet and tangy in taste. You can adjust the measure of sugar as per the sweetness you require. Milkmaid can be a substitute for sugar for the sweetness in this.

If you are lactose intolerant or don’t like using milk products, you can omit using the mawa. For this, you need to cook the coconut and orange juice together and then add the sugar.

However, it will taste richer if you use it. Dry fruits or nuts can also be used to enhance the richness of the sweet.

Making this burfi is a great way to impress your guests. Welcome them with it or present this sweet delight at festive occasions like Diwali.

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