Coconut Milkshake is a no-cook refreshing drink for summer. Not only is it easy to make but also quick and fuss-free.

I’ve never been a big fan of eating food containing coconut. So my coconut consumption was limited to just drinking coconut water. Until the day I tried some coconut ice cream with my friends.

Since then, I’ve been paying more attention to this incredible food. Still, I wouldn’t say I like it much in desserts. But I enjoy it more in ice creams and drinks.

Reasons To Love This Drink

Apart from a great drink to fight the summer heat, there are numerous other reasons why you would love this drink.

  • The drink is delicious.
  • Very much refreshing and rejuvenating.
  • It is simple and fuss-free. Does not require much effort.
  • Great for summer as coconut is preferred during the season.
  • The drink is no-cook and is prepared quickly.
  • Variations To Coconut Milkshake.
  • This recipe is highly flexible and can be customised.
  • It will be an excellent option for health-conscious people with some alterations.
  • Helps cool down your body from the inside.
  • Kids will love this—even the ones who do not like coconut.
  • It is so creamy and rich—a treat in itself.

Variations To Coconut Milkshake

You can have as many variations with this milkshake as you like. It is one of the many reasons to make this at home. Try this milkshake with as many fruits as you can get.

Everyone loves Coconut milkshakes all over the world. It is a favourite in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and other places. Hence, there is already such a large variety of this milkshake present. Therefore, one can easily find a combination of different fruits in this already delicious drink, making it more lovely.

People enjoy combinations like coconut chocolate, coconut banana, coconut mango, coconut oreo, coconut muskmelon, coconut strawberry, coconut bubble tea, and coconut cappuccino. One can even make the coconut avocado milkshake. The list is endless.

Moreover, this drink is highly flexible and customisable. You have the freedom to add and subtract any ingredient to your preference. It can fit any person’s tastes and needs.

If you want to spoil yourself with this creamy and rich delight, you can add whatever you want. Add more cream to thicken the drink and get a rich texture. You can enjoy it with as many ice cream flavours as you like. Banana ice cream flavour is more prevalent among people. Whipped Cream is also great to add.

Vegan Version

The one aspect of this drink will appeal the most to vegans. Though we have used regular milk, coconut milk is preferred to make this drink.

You also need to remove the ice cream or use the vegan vanilla ice cream, and it will be entirely a vegan milkshake. It will also remove the extra calories and make it an excellent option for people on a diet.

Sweetening Agents

To make it even more healthy and eliminate the calories, you can substitute the sugar and skip the ice cream. Instead, use sugar substitute as a sweetening agent.

I am in favour of using soaked dates for the same. Even though honey is the best option as a natural sweetener, I’m not too fond of its taste. So, I will opt for dates. It is up to you what you like to add. It will allow for making the milkshake only mildly sweet. It works best for people who do not like too much sweetness.

Apart from these, you can use maple syrup or molasses. Frozen bananas or other fruits are also great for the purpose. Some even prefer to add sweetened coconut flesh.

TR’s Extra Shots

  • Chia Seeds – It is not much popular but a nice touch to the milkshake. It also provides an additional cooling natural factor to the drink and brings more health benefits.
  • Coconut Flesh – It is best to use tender flesh for this drink. It blends in excellent and adds a nice texture. However, harder flesh might need to be filtered through, and it may consume more time. You can also add bits of tender flesh at the end as a garnish.
  • Coconut Milk – We are using regular milk, but coconut milk is more used to make this. Suppose you do not have it at home grind the hard coconut flesh and squeeze it into a clean cloth. You will get homemade coconut milk.
  • Syrup – You can use any syrups like strawberry, maple, mixed fruit, or such and spread it on the inside of the glassware of your choice before pouring the milkshake. It will add to the looks and sweetness as well.
  • Flakes – Add some coconut flakes or tossed coconut pieces to the milkshake for some texture.

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