Date milkshake is an extremely healthy sweet shake recipe for all the ages. It is made by blending dates, milk & some ice. A perfect delectable shake to get energy for a full day.

Dates being considered as a complete food is great for Iftar. After 16 hours long fasting, without eating or drinking anything, your sugar level drops.

It will instantly level up your Sugar levels and provide you with the required energy. Date milkshake is amazing shake you can drink as an evening snack. It fills your tummy and kills instant hunger.

Dates are a staple food for middle east countries. It is also called as “Khajoor”. It is a nutrient dry fruit with a low calorie.

There are some varieties also there in dates like Medjool & Deglet Noor dates. These are available in middle east countries. Date milkshake tastes sweet & chewy & it has varieties of advantages.

Key advantages of Dates:

Dates have an excellent nutrition profile. It contains crucial vitamins & minerals. It is good for your brain health.

It promotes natural labor. Dates are a good substitute of white sugar which you can add in your recipes. It is high in fiber and prevents constipation & also control your blood sugar.

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